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Miini Region - for the best local produce

Discover products from farmers and producers from your region. Because every region has its own unique flavour, you’ll find around 3 200 local products at Coop. These include many articles from the mountains and Swiss Parks, and organic items. The Miini Region clover leaf shows you which specialities are grown and produced in your region.

Regional enjoyment with Miini Region

  • Regional raw materials and value creation
  • Short transport distances
  • Fresh, authentic and seasonal delights

Because every region has its own unique flavour

The Miini Region clover leaf represents fresh, local and seasonal products from your region. With Miini Region, you are buying regionally and supporting local producers and farmers. Value creation stays in your region. The origin of the raw materials and the fastest possible transport routes to the sales outlets are key considerations. Regional products are dear to our heart.

Products from your region

Our guidelines for regional products

The guidelines for the Miini Region quality label guarantee a regional range.

Origin of raw materials

Foodstuffs that consist of one single raw material (e.g. milk, fruit or vegetables) are 100% from the respective region. For products made up of several raw materials, at least 80% of the agricultural raw materials must come from the region. Raw materials which give products their name (such as strawberries in strawberry yoghurt) must come from Switzerland.

Value creation in the region

For Miini Region, at least two thirds of the value creation and the production or processing steps that determine the product characteristics of an article take place in the respective region.

Inspection and certification

An external, independent certification organization checks that our Miini Region articles conform to the guidelines and then approves them for sale under the Miini Region quality label.