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Each region has its own unique flavour

Our Miini Region range includes more than 3 000 local products from regional farmers and producers. This quality label identifies the food that has been grown and produced in your region, meaning that you can buy local products easily.

Regional products for your delectation

Our range of Miini Region products comprises fresh food for daily consumption – directly from your region in your Coop store:
  • Cheese with regional flavour: the Miini Region range includes a total of 300 dairy products, which are all produced in the vicinity of our Coop supermarkets.
  • Sausages from A to Z: rounded or straight, big or small, made of pork, beef or veal – Miini Region offers sausages from butchers in your local area.
  • Fruit and vegetables from local farmers: regional origin is even more important for very fresh fruit and vegetables. For this reason, the Miini Region range comprises 350 regional fruits and vegetables.
  • Honey for breakfast: Miini Region offers more than 200 regional products for a delicious Swiss brunch.
  • Biggest selection of regional beers: it’s not just our fresh fruit that is local, but our beer too. Miini Region offers around 250 regional beers and beverages.
  • Wine from the sunniest slopes in Switzerland: as the largest wine retailer in Switzerland, we also offer around 450 wines from all regions of Switzerland.
  • Plants from local nurseries: the range includes plants grown and cultivated in local nurseries.

Guidelines for regional products

The guidelines for the Miini Region quality label guarantee a regional range.
  • Miini Region clearly and easily identifies which products come directly from your region, thereby creating transparency.
  • Miini Region identifies products which are produced regionally, thus securing jobs in Switzerland, and which are environmentally sound due to short transport routes.
  • Miini Region guarantees fresh and authentic food. The local fruit and vegetables are available in our supermarkets, depending on the season.