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Fair fashion that brings joy

Naturaline is a fashion line made from pure organic cotton that is produced using fair, environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral production methods. As well as clothes for the whole family, the range also includes textiles for the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. What’s more, you can trace the origin of the organic cotton right back to the field.

Environmentally friendly cultivation: 100 % organic

Organic agriculture also offers a resource-friendly alternative for cotton, enabling production without any health risks and without the need for small-scale farmers to rely on loans.
The principles for organic cotton cultivation:
  • Ban on genetic engineering
  • Ban on chemical and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers
  • Ban on defoliation agents
  • Measured use of water thanks to drip irrigation systems
  • Low energy consumption thanks to low degree of mechanisation

Working conditions: 100 % fair

For our Naturaline range, we enforce the bioRe standard for organic cotton cultivation, which offers small-scale farmers significant added value. This includes training and advice on organic cultivation methods by experts at Coop-funded training centres, coupled with local investments and reinvestment of profits locally.
When processing textiles, the aim is to minimize environmental impact and ensure the health of the workers and consumers.

Traceability: 100 % transparent

A reasonable number of companies are responsible for production. We have defined environmental and social criteria for the entire process and these are inspected by independent companies. This ensures that only organic cotton that meets our standards is used – from cultivation right through to the finished item of clothing. Many of our clothes have a numerical code on the sewn-in label. You can visit to trace the route from the cultivation of the organic cotton through to the finished product.

Carbon-neutral fashion: 100 % CO2-neutral

Our entire range of Naturaline textiles and organic cotton wool products has been CO2-neutral since 2012. We have been progressively implementing offsetting projects such as biogas plants and efficient wood-fired ovens with our parter Remei in India and Tanzania. We deliberately chose to develop our own CO2 offsetting projects in order to improve living conditions for local farmers.