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Naturaline: natural skincare with Swiss roots

Naturaline is the organic skincare range with the power of nature. Choice raw materials from organic sources and ultra-modern formulas offer innovative skincare alternatives for the whole family. The products are very kind to the skin and feel great too. Naturaline rejects many things that can harm the skin and nature, such as microplastics, mineral oils, synthetic colours and fragrances, genetic engineering and nanotechnology.

What’s so special about Naturaline natural cosmetics?

  • Transparency: clarity thanks to international certification from Ecocert | Cosmos natural, Vegan and Swiss Allergy Centre for sensitive skin.
  • Responsible: use of "green chemistry" and rejection of critical ingredients for skin and the natural world.
  • Pure nature: use of 98% natural and renewable raw materials.
  • Sustainable: protects biodiversity and uses certified palm oil.
  • Vegan: no animal testing or animal ingredients.
  • Environmentally friendly: CO2-neutral for all products, manufactured in Switzerland.
  • Engineered in Switzerland: for outstanding quality.

Our most popular products

New products

Naturaline natural cosmetics: powered by nature

Discover the Swiss natural cosmetics from naturaline natural cosmetics. Launched in 1999 with a small range of facial care products, Naturaline now comprises 100% certified natural cosmetics for the whole family. Whether you are looking for care products for normal skin or delicate baby skin, naturaline natural cosmetics have the right products, straight from nature.
  • Thanks to strict and clear international guidelines, you can put complete faith in naturaline natural cosmetics. Thanks to "green chemistry", naturaline natural cosmetics reject the use of conventional ingredients, instead using high-quality, certified organic ingredients, which are subject to regular tests. As such, at least 98% of the ingredients are of natural origin.
  • By choosing Naturaline, you are taking good care of your skin with organic products, while still benefiting from the latest scientific findings. At least 50% of the extracts and oils used are from organic sources, according to Ecocert Cosmos natural.
  • With naturaline natural cosmetics, you are choosing daily care products from sustainable production, benefiting the environment. Find out more at "What we stand for".

The Ecocert Cosmos natural® quality label

All of the daily care products in our Naturaline cosmetics range have been awarded the natural cosmetics quality label from Ecocert Cosmos natural® and are subject to strict and independent guidelines.

The Vegan Society quality label

Over 90% of Naturaline products have been awarded the "vegan flower" from the Vegan Society and have been developed without using animal ingredients or animal testing.

The Swiss Allergy Centre quality label

All products with the aha! quality label are especially suitable for people with allergies and intolerances. Naturaline natural cosmetics take into account the special requirements of highly sensitive skin, improving safety.