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Facts and figures

Numerous statistics show that organic farming in Switzerland is an absolute success story, due in no small part to Naturaplan. For example, since the launch of Naturaplan in 1993, the number of Swiss organic farms has increased more than fivefold.

Organic produce in Switzerland

For the Swiss, the question as to the origin and sustainability of their food is becoming increasingly important. Half of the population buys organic products several times a week. Whereas organic products account for over 11% of the overall Swiss food market, at Coop they represent over 14%.

Many Swiss farmers are firm believers in organic

The diagram shows the number of organic farms in Switzerland
Swiss farmers are attaching greater importance to sustainability and support the organic concept. In the past 30 years, the number of organic farms has increased over fivefold. More than 17% of Swiss farms are currently certified to organic standard.

The amount of organically farmed land is increasing

The diagram shows Swiss organic farmland in hectares.
A good comparison of the area spanning 177 060 hectares occupied by Swiss organic farms in 2021 can be found in the sports sector: 248 000 football pitches! This was the area of organic farms in Switzerland in 2021. In agricultural terms it accounted for 20 800 hectares in 1993 – and this had increased to 177 060 hectares by 2021.

Coop Naturaplan kick-started the Swiss organic market

Diagram with Naturaplan sales in CHF.
In 1993, Coop had the vision of making environmentally and animal-friendly foodstuffs available at affordable prices. The Naturaplan brand was established 30 years ago – a pioneering achievement. Awareness of sustainability has been on the rise ever since. In the meantime, almost one in two organic products in Switzerland is bought in a Coop store.

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