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Guidelines & partners

The close cooperation with key partners has made a significant contribution to Coop Naturaplan's success. Bio Suisse, whose Bud guidelines constituted the basis for the outstanding quality of Naturaplan products from the word go, plays a particularly important role.

Highest organic quality – guaranteed by the Bio Suisse Bud

Bio Suisse logo
Still one-of-a-kind in Switzerland: virtually all Naturaplan products comply with the particularly strict guidelines of the Bud, the Bio Suisse quality seal. Thanks to the Bio Suisse Bud organic guidelines, which govern not only production but also processing, Naturaplan is one of the organic brands with the most stringent requirements.

Setting new standards – yesterday and today

Even after 30 years, Naturaplan has lost nothing of its pioneering spirit. With particularly high standards – also for imported products and their distribution, its own regular quality inspections and new products from biodynamic farming, the Naturaplan product range is being steadily expanded and improved in terms of quality.

The Bio Suisse Bud for imported products too

Naturaplan products from abroad must also comply with the same Bio Suisse guidelines, which are considerably stricter than e.g. those of the European Union's Organic Production Regulation. Therefore, at Coop, almost all organic imported products bear the Bio Suisse Bud as a quality seal. As Bio Suisse requires Bud products to be processed in Switzerland whenever possible, the added value is generated in Switzerland and domestic jobs are secured.

Independent and proprietary quality inspections

Organic farms, processing facilities and suppliers are inspected not only by independent, state-accredited bodies; Coop also conducts regular in-house quality inspections of organic products.

Fair trade, certified by Max Havelaar

Almost all Naturaplan products imported from developing countries, such as organic bananas, organic cocoa or organic rice, also bear the Max Havelaar Fairtrade quality seal. Naturaplan thus goes beyond the Bud requirements and ensures that not only nature but also the people behind the Naturaplan products benefit.

Biodynamic cultivation with Demeter

To ensure an even wider choice of organic products, Coop includes Demeter products in the Naturaplan range. These bear both the Demeter quality seal and the Bio Suisse Bud. However, Demeter's additional requirements in terms of biodynamic farming apply. For instance, Demeter ensures that seeds are sown in tune with the lunar calendar and uses biodynamic products to promote soil fertility and crop growth.

Our partners

Logo von Bio Suisse

Partnership with Bio Suisse since 1993

Bio Suisse is the umbrella association of Swiss organic producers and the leading organic organization in Switzerland. There are already over 7 200 Swiss farmers and gardeners as well as over 1 200 processing facilities working on behalf of the Bud label. The Bio Suisse Bud label is one of the world's most stringent organic labels.
Logo of the Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture)

Partnership with FiBL since 1997

The Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau FiBL, established in Switzerland in 1973, is the world’s leading research institute in the field of organic agriculture. As a partner, Coop Naturaplan supports many of its research projects that deal primarily with environmentally aware soil management, humane animal husbandry and the environmentally friendly use of foodstuffs.
Demeter logo

Partnership with Demeter since 2016

The Demeter logo stands for biodynamic agriculture and in a number of aspects even goes beyond the strict guidelines of Bio Suisse. In addition to crop planting, animal husbandry and the processing of raw materials, it also governs the sale of the finished products. In biodynamic agriculture, cosmic constellations are taken into account. For example, seeds are sown in tune with the lunar calendar. Biodynamic preparations support soil fertility and crop growth. Since November 2016, Coop has carried more and more Naturaplan products which, in addition to the Bio Suisse Bud, also bear the Demeter logo and thus guarantee an even wider range of organic products.
ProSpecieRara logo

Partnership with ProSpecieRara since 1999

The ProSpecieRara foundation is committed to biodiversity in Switzerland. ProSpecieRara products are available exclusively at Coop and allow the consumer to rediscover old Swiss varieties and help preserve Switzerland’s cultural heritage. Almost all ProSpecieRara fruit and vegetables in the Naturaplan range are certified with the Bio Suisse Bud.
bio.inspecta logo

Partnership with bio.inspecta since 1993

bio.inspecta supports farms and companies in the food industry with sustainable development by conducting inspections and certifications of organic farmers and producers. Coop has worked together closely with bio.inspecta for inspection and certification since 1993.
Swiss Society for Nutrition (SSN) logo

Partnership with SSN since 2017

In order to be able to offer genuinely Swiss superfoods, Coop has selected a professional partner – the Swiss Society for Nutrition SSN. The range of Naturaplan Bio Campiuns created as part of this partnership meets the clearly defined, jointly developed criteria in terms of promoting a healthy diet.