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Regionality for natural freshness

In accordance with the Bio Suisse guidelines, particular attention is paid at Naturaplan that products are produced and processed as locally as possible. Transport routes are kept as short as possible, and transport by air, which is particularly bad for the environment, is generally forbidden.

From Switzerland – for good reason.

A hand holding three crispy red apples.
At Naturaplan, products from Switzerland have priority. Imports from abroad are clearly defined in line with strict organic Bud guidelines:
  • only products that are not available in sufficient quantity or quality in Switzerland and fresh produce grown outside of the Swiss growing season may be imported.
  • Fresh produce may only be imported from Europe, including countries bordering the Mediterranean. For instance, there are no Naturaplan apples from South Africa or meat from Brazil.
  • The only exceptions for imported fresh produce from overseas are fruit and vegetables that cannot be grown in Europe for climate-related reasons, e.g. tropical fruits such as bananas, pineapple, etc.

Miini Region – local products

Production that is as seasonal and local as possible is also promoted through regional Naturaplan products with the "Miini Region" quality seal.

An important contribution for Switzerland

The strict organic Bud guidelines promote not only domestic producers but also the processing companies. In addition to over 7 100 organic Bud farmers, there are now also around 1 100 organic Bud processing companies in Switzerland. Read more under Action no. 349.
Map of Switzerland with the growing regions of regional, organic Bud-quality products.

Organic fruit and vegetables from eight regions

All Coop stores carry regional, organic Bud-quality fruit, vegetables and potatoes with the "Miini Region" quality seal, e.g. onions from the Zurich region, carrots from the Three Lakes region or leeks from western Switzerland.
Regional organic milk from 12 Swiss regions.

Organic milk from local farmers

Coop Naturaplan is the only organic brand to sell regional organic milk from 13 Swiss regions such as Graubünden, the Bernese Oberland or Gruyère. We now cover all of Switzerland, with the exception of Ticino.
Coop Naturaplan sells Bud-quality yoghurt, Swiss cheese and eggs from over 30 Swiss regions.

Organic dairy products and organic eggs from over 30 regions

Coop Naturaplan features a steadily growing number of regional ranges of Bud-quality yoghurts, typical Swiss cheese and eggs from over 30 regions of Switzerland.