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Environmentally friendly products

Oecoplan offers an environmentally friendly alternative to almost every conventional household, gardening and DIY product. As such, Oecoplan is recommended by the WWF. Thanks to Oecoplan, you can protect the environment both now and in the future, without having to compromise on quality or put a strain on your wallet.

We are celebrating 30 years of Oecoplan

We launched Oecoplan – the first own-label sustainability brand in Switzerland – in 1989, and have been blazing a trail ever since. The Oecoplan range currently comprises around 2 500 products, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional items for the home, garden, office and workshop. These products are recommended by the WWF.

Environmentally friendly and high quality

We have set ourselves strict standards for our Oecoplan products. The environmentally friendly, responsible use of key resources is a top priority. Oecoplan must also achieve the same good results as conventional products. This is our promise.