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Prix Garantie – the Coop label with the lowest-price guarantee

Looking for high quality at very low prices? Then explore the Coop Prix Garantie range! Distinctive and beautifully designed with the pink Prix Garantie logo, the low-price line has all the essential items you need. Every product with the Coop Prix Garantie label combines our high quality with a permanently low price.

Huge selection: well over 1 000 Coop Prix Garantie items in the range

Coop's lowest priced product line has everything you need on a daily basis. These are just some of the products available with the Prix Garantie label:
  • Fruit & vegetables
  • Dairy products & eggs
  • Meat & fish
  • Drinks
  • Bread & baked goods
  • Store cupboard items
  • Snacks, chocolate & confectionery
  • Frozen food & ready meals
  • Household
  • Cleaning
  • Beauty, hygiene & baby
  • Pet supplies
You can't fail to spot products with the distinctive Prix Garantie logo while you're browsing our online range. Alternatively, of course, you can search for them directly by simply clicking on "Prix Garantie" in the label search to see all Coop Prix Garantie products at a glance.

Large family or single-person household: Prix Garantie by Coop has good value products for everyone

The extensive Prix Garantie range includes both family packs and products in smaller quantities that are perfect for small households. Coop Prix Garantie's low prices are available to everyone, from individuals to large families, making it much easier to shop for daily essentials on a budget.
Our products with the Prix Garantie logo carry the lowest-price guarantee. This means: Prix Garantie products are just as affordable as similar budget-range items offered by discounters.
So that you can be confident that you really are getting Prix Garantie products at the lowest price, Coop collaborates with an independent market research company and other partners. This ensures that Prix Garantie prices are always in line with the low-price ranges of other Swiss retailers.

Coop's budget label represents good quality at low prices

No matter which products with the pink Prix Garantie logo you choose: despite the low prices the Coop label is totally committed to perfect quality.
The Prix Garantie range includes products with fairly traded ingredients, identified by the Max Havelaar Fairtrade logo. What's more, many Prix Garantie products are made in Switzerland; these are clearly labelled with the Swiss cross.
Needless to say, this quality requirement extends to all fresh produce: fruit and vegetables, meat and fish and baked goods with the Prix Garantie logo are freshly made, delivered in an uninterrupted cold chain, and reach you in the best possible quality.

Exotic fruits, vegetarian products and much more with the Prix Garantie logo

Native fruit and vegetable varieties as well as exotic fruits are also available at low Prix Garantie prices. Coop ranges such as "meat & fish", "dairy & eggs" and "bread & baked goods" also have affordable vegetarian or vegan alternatives with the Prix Garantie logo.
Beverages with the Coop Prix Garantie label include everything from mineral water and lemonade to juices, iced teas, cola, smoothies and energy drinks, and even beer.
As well as all kinds of foods, Coop Prix Garantie also offers you a wide selection of products for many other everyday needs. You’ll find good-value and high quality alternatives to branded products for items such as laundry and cleaning agents, pet supplies, household goods, office supplies, and more.

Making the most of a small budget

Every time you shop at Coop, you save cash with the low-priced Prix Garantie product line. Here are some more easy ways to manage your household budget:
  • Plan your shopping with a shopping list and only buy what you actually need.
  • Take advantage of current offers with one-off special prices from Coop.
  • Register for the Supercard and enjoy discounts and a host of other benefits.