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So much variety with Prix Garantie: from cat food to dog treats

Whether for cats or dogs, rodents or birds: pet food should be affordable as well as a tasty daily treat for our beloved two and four-legged friends. Choose between wet and dry food in a variety of flavours, individually packaged snacks, and savoury treats. Top quality and pet-friendly variety, all at a great price: get inexpensive pet supply products by Prix Garantie here!
Prix Garantie’s extensive range comprises all the everyday essentials, as well as inexpensive pet food. But it's not just about delicious food for our furry-nosed and feathered friends. The product portfolio also includes must-have basics such as cat litter. Give your pets all the love they deserve, with useful pet supplies for every day. It's a dog's (or cat's) life, but in a good way.

Buy pet food for less – online and in store

Want to order inexpensive dog food or cat food? It only takes a few clicks: if you'd rather just order everyday essentials from the comfort of your own sofa, you can add inexpensive pet food to your order here. Naturally, animal lovers know best when it comes their faithful companions’ food preferences. With Prix Garantie, you'll find everything that makes your treasured pets happy – and all at an attractive price.

Delicious cat food: affordable, handy, and varied

Only the best for your four-legged family member! If you're looking to buy cat food that is both high quality and inexpensive, we give you a choice between dry food that can be measured out from a handy 2 kg packet and delicious wet food in neat 100 g pouches. Naturally, the menus in flavours such as “turkey & chicken” or “beef & veal” are made from only the best ingredients and are also available in good-value bundles of four.
There are also soft cat sticks in poultry and beef flavours. These individually-packaged snacks make the perfect treat between meals. After all, cats are real foodies.

For connoisseurs: conveniently order affordable dog food

From Dachshunds to Great Danes and pugs to Dalmatians: when it comes to what they are fed each day, dogs have a mind of their own. Here, you can buy your favourite dog food for less online, in lots of varieties.
As well as individually packaged dog meals in a 300 g tray, the inexpensive pet supplies range also includes meaty treats. Compact and resealable, the slim snack pouches are easy to take with you on extended walkies.
Whether beef or poultry: with Prix Garantie, you can order your dog's favourite food for less. These tasty treats are ideal as motivation in dog training or as a food top-up for older dogs. As a single source of protein and energy, affordable dog food by Prix Garantie helps supply vital nutrients.

Everything for pets, all at low prices: pet supplies for pets of all sizes

Prix Garantie inexpensive animal food isn’t just for cats and dogs. There's plenty to keep birds happy too.
Our wild bird feed is a valuable source of nutrients for wild birds. As well as supporting native wild birds in their search for food, you will also be making a valuable contribution to biodiversity.