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Fair trade for the Swiss mountain regions

Working and living conditions in mountain regions are becoming increasingly difficult and posing major challenges for people who live there. That's why, more than 10 years ago, we created Pro Montagna: products direct from the mountains, from the farmers.

Each product helps mountain farmers

Each time you buy a Pro Montagna product, you are supporting the mountain regions, helping to preserve jobs and prevent migration. Moreover, agricultural use of the Alps ensures that the countryside is looked after, which is essential to tourism.

The cycle is complete

By purchasing Pro Montagna products, you are choosing mountain and Alpine specialities. The ingredients for these products come from Swiss mountain regions, where they are also processed. The farmers benefit from this and the processing facilities and jobs in these mountain regions are safeguarded. When you buy a Pro Montagna product, a certain amount also goes to Coop Aid for Mountain Regions, which supports farming families and thus completes the cycle.

Coop Aid for Mountain Regions

Coop Aid for Mountain Regions is a non-profit organization that is committed to better living and working conditions for the inhabitants of Swiss mountain regions and supports families with advice and financial backing. The amount of money that goes to Coop Aid for Mountain Regions can be found on the packaging of each Pro Montagna product. It may just be a few centimes per product, but it all adds up and makes a big difference. Since the launch of Pro Montagna, more than 13 million Swiss francs has been raised.

Mountain and Alpine Produce Ordinance (MAlpO)

Pro Montagna products meet the requirements of the Mountain and Alpine Produce Ordinance (MAlpO) and even exceed them in some cases. All Pro Montagna products also meet our own strict quality requirements. Some bear the Bio Suisse bud label. Mountain farms are inspected every two years by an independent certification or inspection body to ensure compliance with these requirements. Alpine farms are inspected every four years.

Is it a mountain or Alpine product?

The Swiss Agriculture Act takes account of the difficult production and living conditions in Swiss mountain regions. The areas used for agriculture are divided into zones denoting levels of difficulty. Mountain zones 1 (favourably situated mountain locations) to 4 (extreme mountain locations) and summer pasture regions are relevant for Pro Montagna. This classification also provides the basis for the labelling of our mountain and Alpine products.

A success story with a cast of many

Find out more about projects that have been made possible by your support:

Mountain herbal teas from Val Poschiavo

At 1 000 metres above sea level, Reto Raselli grows organic herbs for Pro Montagna organic mountain herbal teas. He and his family have been farming in the Val Poschiavo region of Graubünden for generations. Of the hundred or so valleys in Graubünden, Val Poschiavo is the southernmost, and its microclimate is perfect for growing mountain herbs. Intense exposure to the sun’s rays gives the herbs a particularly intense aroma. Reto Raselli and his team plant, nurture and harvest the herbs from the fields, which requires a great deal of manual labour.