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Kid goat meat – the speciality from the mountains of Graubünden

While goat’s milk products are becoming increasingly popular, healthy kid goat meat remains something of an insider’s tip among top foodies, amateur chefs and fans of healthy eating. Usually only available at Easter, this delicious and healthy Pro Montagna organic treat from the Graubünden mountains is now available year-round at Coop. We have leg, ragout and double cutlets – all frozen and vacuum-packed – in a practical pack weighing approx. 3 kg.

Delicious taste and great variety

Kid goat meat has a particularly refined, game-like flavour. When cooked at a low temperature, it becomes super tender and incredibly tasty. The meat from animals younger than six months old is referred to as kid goat meat. Our Pro Montagna kid goat meat comes from organic mountain farming and is cut up and processed locally by Zanetti butchers in the mountains of Graubünden.
Kid goat meat is perfect for pan-frying but also tastes delicious slow-cooked in a ragout or curry. The meat is made up of short fibres, meaning that it cooks quickly, doesn’t shrink when fried and can be prepared with virtually zero waste.
Unlike in northern and central Europe, kid goat meat is hugely popular in many countries throughout the world. It features regularly in Arabian, Indian and Caribbean cuisine, as well as in Portugal, Spain and Sardinia. According to palaeontologists, kid goat meat has been on the menu in Alpine regions since prehistoric times.

New discovery for the health conscious

Did you know that kid goat meat contains less fat than lamb and less cholesterol than game? Just like goat’s milk, kid goat meat is also very high quality. It is high in protein, low in calories, and therefore especially popular among figure-conscious foodies. Per 100 grams, kid goat meat contains a whopping 20 grams of protein, which can be easily converted into the body’s own protein.

100% Bio Suisse bud, 100% from the Graubünden mountains

Goats are considered to be one of the oldest pets in the world and were key to self-sufficiency in days gone by. These days, Switzerland is considered to be the original home of modern goat farming. Goats are a very welcome presence in alpine areas as their eating habits help to protect mountain pastures from bush encroachment. They love to eat the kind of herbs and plants that other animals reject. 
Goats are primarily kept for their milk. Owing to the increase in demand from health-conscious consumers for goat’s milk products, the goat population has increased steadily over the past 25 years. In response, Coop has been working with farming families and a butcher’s in the mountains of Graubünden to establish a new value chain for organic kid goat meat from this Alpine region. This has resulted in a product that meets the highest animal welfare and environmental standards, as well as with regard to taste, and provides goat farmers in the mountains with an important sales channel.
What was previously a general standard is now being implemented once again with Pro Montagna organic kid goat meat – the entire animal is used as a sign of appreciation and in line with the sustainability concept. We are therefore selling half kid goats in a single pack comprising leg, ragout and double cutlets. As such, the culinary experience is not only sustainable, but also diverse in terms of flavour.
We have been committed to Coop Aid for Mountain Regions for Swiss family-run businesses for years. Out of this project – which is supported by the Coop Sustainability Fund – came the idea of making the high-quality meat from local goats available to the wider public and creating a fair outlet for the organic mountain kid goat from Graubünden.

New at Coop: Organic kid goat meat from the mountains of Graubünden

Treat yourself and try this delicious Swiss delicacy for yourself. All Coop Pro Montagna organic kid goat meat comes from the Graubünden mountains and bears the Bio Suisse bud label.
Organic kid goat meat is available exclusively at and is delivered in a practical pack weighing approx. 3 kg – frozen and vacuum-packed as leg, ragout and double cutlets. Also included is a free leaflet containing information and recipes.
In addition, you’ll be supporting our Swiss mountain farmers as 1 Swiss franc per kg goes to Coop Aid for Mountain Regions to support projects in Swiss mountain regions.