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Hearty food from the Swiss mountains

Pro Montagna products are authentic, high-quality specialities supplied by farmers and producers from the Swiss mountains. These products are a treat for you and good for others too, because by buying them you are supporting the Swiss mountain regions.

Forests provide livelihood

In addition to food items, Pro Montagna also offers a wonderful selection of wood products. We support forestry in the mountains, as forests have an important protective function in these regions and the manufacture of wood products safeguards jobs.

Mountain forestry involves manual work

Forestry is very expensive in mountain regions as development is difficult. As a result, much of the work has to be done manually. The yield from one cubic metre of wood is around 70 Swiss francs. The forestry costs are around three times this amount. The low price of wood coupled with the high forestry costs result in forestry businesses not being able to operate profitably. Thanks to the Pro Montagna range, we can support mountain forestry and help safeguard important jobs in mountain regions.

Protection forests save lives

The care and management of forests is particularly important in mountain regions as they can save lives by offering protection from avalanches, rockfalls, landslides and flooding. Certain villages are only inhabitable thanks to protection forests. Around 40% of all Swiss forests are protection forests that are predominantly located on steep slopes more than 1,000 metres above sea level. You can help to preserve these forests by buying Pro Montagna products.