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Antipasti – discover the wealth of Italian appetizers

From Arabic mezze platters to Spanish tapas and Italian antipasti, appetizers are nibbles that will whet the appetite and leave you wanting more. Owing to their variety and richness, they can also easily replace a main course. It's no wonder that some restaurants now focus exclusively on appetizers.
The same goes for warm and cold Italian appetizers that will appeal to both meat and fish lovers as well as to people with a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. Thanks to the huge selection of dishes, there's something for everyone – from typical Italian pickled vegetables and top-quality seafood to sophisticated salads, crunchy bruschetta or speciality meats and cheeses.
Whether you're planning a meal with Italian antipasti as an appetizer or intend to focus solely on these delicious nibbles, the antipasti range from Sapori d'Italia will help you bring the authentic taste of Bella Italia to your plate.
The word "antipasto" in Italian means "before the meal". "Antipasti" is the plural form and is much more common – after all, an Italian appetizer is rarely served up on its own!

Italian antipasti – order ready to eat or to prepare at home

Thanks to the speciality products from Sapori d'Italia you can discover the world of Italy's Mediterranean cuisine anew every day. In addition to a wide variety of pastas, pizzas and desserts, the range also includes Italian appetizers – preserved in jars for a longer shelf life, or freshly prepared and carefully packaged.
In our online supermarket you can buy Italian antipasti such as olives and preserved tomatoes, cold cuts such as salami and ham, Italian cheese and delicacies from the sea. While ready-to-eat salads such as a classic insalata di frutti di mare can be served straight away, you can alternatively turn other products into warm or cold Italian antipasti.
Our extensive recipe collection includes more than 400 different recipes for mouth-watering appetizers from all over the world and will give you plenty of ideas. You'll find recipes for Italian nibbles and antipasti with vegetables, meat or fish such as aubergine involtini, bresaola with pickled spring vegetables, burrata with peperonata, crostini with fruit, fennel salads, stuffed courgette flowers and the famous "vitello tonnato".

Aromatic Italian appetizers with vegetables

Whether they're made with pickled or grilled vegetables, Italian antipasti are a culinary treat, and not only for vegetarian and vegan foodies. They can include Italian vegetables such as green olives and sun-dried tomatoes aromatically preserved in brine or oil, and can be enjoyed as they are with a delicious ciabatta or incorporated into other starters.
Toasted bruschetta not only tastes great with fresh tomatoes, but can also be enhanced with delicately balanced spreads from a jar such as bruschetta pomodoro or a spicy patè di olive verdi (olive paste).
However, if you would prefer to grill your own fresh vegetables such as aubergines, courgettes, fennel, peppers and tomatoes along with a good olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs, then you'll find everything you need in our shop.

Mediterranean treats – cold Italian antipasti with meat and fish

As many appetizers are served cold in Italy, you can prepare them easily in advance or have them delivered to your home ahead of time. Typical Italian antipasti made with meat include thinly sliced, air-dried salami and ham. These can be presented beautifully and served up in an instant.
There are also lots of different Italian appetizer salads, which require a little more work in the kitchen. For this reason, our Sapori d'Italia range also offers a delicious selection of sophisticated fish and seafood salads that are ready to serve.
Fish lovers can also enjoy authentic, seasoned, marinated anchovy fillets and grilled mussels. And anyone wanting to make their own octopus salad or another type of Italian antipasti containing octopus can buy natural octopus pieces.

Panna cotta & co. – the perfect counterpart to Italian antipasti

If you start your meal with original Italian antipasti, your guests will most certainly appreciate a fitting end to the meal. And what could be better than a strong espresso with a creamy tiramisu or a delicious panna cotta? These world-famous Italian desserts and other sweet treats are also available from Sapori d'Italia.
These sweet desserts will save you some effort ahead of time, while still giving your guests an authentic Italian taste experience. You're sure to be met with an enthusiastic "molto bene" (very good) from your guests!