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Discover Italian specialities in our online shop

Italy – a country synonymous with a zest for life, la dolce vita and Mediterranean delicacies like no other. Italian specialities are a hot commodity wherever you go. Here you'll find top-quality food and mostly simple yet fabulous recipes for appetizers, mains and desserts that are full of passion and flavour.
It's no wonder that Italian cuisine and therefore also Italian products are among the most popular in the world. Practically no one can resist the variety of antipasti, original Italian pasta and traditional desserts such as tiramisu.
Speaking of resisting... For a long time, world-famous culinary specialities from Italy such as pizza and pasta were considered unhealthy and full of calories. However, nutritionists have long since refuted this claim. Instead – as is so often the case – it comes down to the choice and preparation method of the Italian ingredients. Pasta with pesto or tomato sauce instead of a rich cream sauce can be just as healthy as a crispy pizza made of wholegrain flour and topped with seasonal vegetables.
Italian delicacies such as fresh salads with high-quality olive oil, various antipasti comprising tasty vegetables and grilled or steamed fish and seafood provide a light, nutritious and balanced diet. This means that you can also treat yourself to a delicious Italian dessert such as a silky-smooth panna cotta with a clear conscience.
Many people still assume that you can only buy authentic Italian specialities in Italy. However, there are now numerous other ways to enjoy la dolce vita at home. You can order lots of fresh and non-perishable Italian food items and delicacies online from us. Go on a voyage of discovery and be inspired.

Italian food and delicacies from our brand Sapori d'Italia

Shop like in Bella Italia – you can do this in Switzerland, too, thanks to our brand Sapori d'Italia. The products bring the authentic flavour of popular Italian cuisine to your plate at home. Whether you're looking for Italian antipasti, pasta, cheese, coffee or desserts, you can order these Italian specialities conveniently online or purchase them in your local Coop supermarket and save yourself a trip to an Italian deli.
To further emphasize the brand's quality claim, our Sapori d'Italia range includes lots of Italian foods with the labels DOP or IGP. This not only means that these delicacies come from Italy, but the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) and Protected Geographical Indications (IGP) also indicate that the respective specialities were produced entirely or at least in part in the corresponding Italian regions.
Labels such as these are often found on Italian cheese, vinegar and oil, or preserved antipasti such as olives. You can be sure that the brand Sapori d'Italia not only represents a 100% authentic taste of Italy, but that its Italian products are also full of amore e passione (love and passion).

Antipasti, cheese, pasta and coffee – all of these Italian delicacies are available to order online.

Would you like to treat yourself and your guests to authentic Italian delicacies every now and then? How would you like an Italian meal with a selection of antipasti as an appetizer, fantastic pasta as a main and a sweet dessert with Italian coffee?
Our extensive recipe collection includes lots of ideas for delicious meals that will inspire you. To save you some work in the kitchen, you can buy ready-made antipasti such as a classic insalata di frutti di mare (seafood salad) or spreads for tasty bruschetta from Sapori d'Italia.
Delicious pasta for the main course and other Italian foods are also available online as well as in your local Coop supermarket. The same goes for the dessert. In addition to creamy tiramisu and sweet panna cotta, you will also find well-known Italian biscuits such as cantucci and amaretti. These go beautifully with original Italian coffee.
You can choose from lots of different types of pasta as well as delicious pestos and sauces. Of course, you can also further enhance these Italian products to suit your personal taste – for example with original Italian cheese such as the world-renowned Parmigiano Reggiano or the lesser known – but equally aromatic – Asiago. Mozzarella is great for melting on top of dishes, as is scamorza, which you can buy from us in smoked form.
As you can see, everything you need for a wonderful meal can be ordered from us online. In addition to Italian specialities, you will of course also find all the other usual food items in our online supermarket. These include crunchy vegetables, juicy fruit, fresh meat and fresh fish, aromatic spices and herbs, and full-bodied wines. All that's left for us to say is "Buon appetito!"