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Unique specimens in the fruit and vegetable aisle

Three-legged carrots or curved cucumbers: nature sometimes has a mind of its own. In the past, fruit and vegetables that looked different from the norm could not be sold in shops. All this changed in 2013 when we introduced our own-label sustainability brand, Ünique.

The beauty of unique vegetables

We are increasingly finding that customers have a greater understanding of the quirks of nature and are also prepared to buy unusual natural products. And rightly so – because apart from their unusual appearance, these fruit and vegetables are of perfect quality and just as tasty as those with a uniform appearance. Our guidelines and quality standards make sure of this.

Ensuring the entire harvest is eaten

We include these fruit and vegetables in our range so that they find their way directly to our customers. We rely on lots of different measures to ensure that a large percentage of the harvest can be used in our standard range, too. Depending on the season and availability, a selection of these vegetables can be found at attractive prices in larger Coop supermarkets.

Guidelines and quality standards

Here you can download and browse our clear guidelines for Ünique fruit and vegetables.