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Veganz – pure plant-based pleasure

Vegan is not just a question of attitude, it’s also a matter of flavour. With Veganz, we offer an even more colourful range of products – from superfoods such as hemp protein and matcha powder, to biscuits, chocolate and gummy bears, soy medallions and seitan base.

Vegan paired with innovation

Veganz is the first vegan supermarket chain in Europe as well as being a well-known pure vegan brand. This innovative start-up opened its first Veganz supermarket in 2011 in Berlin’s trendy Prenzlauer Berg district. Since then, its products have enjoyed huge popularity and are now available in around 200 of our Coop supermarkets throughout Switzerland.

Pure plant-based pleasure 70 times over

Thanks to our wide range of pure plant-based products, it’s so easy to enjoy a vegan diet. Veganz currently offers more than 70 different products. You’ll spot the Veganz branded products immediately with their colourful stripes. They are free from animal-based ingredients and additives.