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Gingerbread fir trees
20 m active | 1 h 5 m total
Nutrition facts per serving:
  • Energy in kcal about 310
  • Fat about 8g
  • Carbohydrates about 52g
  • Protein about 7g
This is needed
This is needed for 12 piece
  • a little butter
  • 150 g cane sugar
  • 500 g half-white flour
  • 50 g treacle
  • 1 parcel gingerbread spice (20 g)
  • 0.5 tbsp baking powder
  • 4 dl milk
  • 1 egg
  • 4 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 3 tbsp apple jelly
Fir trees
  • 12 wooden sticks
  • 0.5 bag white cake icing
  • some sugar sprinkles
  • Apron, baking paper, Bowl, Brush , Measuring cup, Oven mitts, Pan, Scissors, Springform pan, Tablespoon, Timer, ice cream sticks, small bowl, Cutting board, Kitchen scales, Cooking spoon (wooden), Cooling rack, Bread knife
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And that's how it's done
And that's how it's done
Line the base of the tin with baking paper, close the tin frame (approx. 26 cm diameter), grease the edges with a little butter.
In a bowl, mix the flour with all the other ingredients up to and including the apple jelly, mix with a wooden spoon. Transfer the dough to the prepared tin.
To bake
Slide the tin into the lower half of a cold oven and bake for approx. 45 mins. at 180°C. Remove from the oven, allow to cool slightly, remove the tin frame, leave to cool on a rack.
Fir trees
Cut the gingerbread into 12 triangles. Insert a wooden stick into each. Melt the cake icing in the pouch in a bain-marie. Pour the icing into a small bowl. Using a spoon, drizzle the icing over the fir trees in a zigzag pattern, top with sugar decorations, leave to dry.