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Time to Sizzle Sizzle: Fire up the barbecue!

Bring on summer! Whether meat or fish, steak or burger, vegan or vegetarian: with our offers, recipes, tips and tricks, you'll be ready for anything. So fire up the barbecue, put some delicious side dishes and a chilled drink on the table, and it's time to sizzle.
Delicious fish on the coals.

Specialities from the sea: fish & seafood

Not necessarily something for beginners, but worth the effort: with a little attention and a few tips and tricks, you can make whole fish, tender fillets, marinated mussels or perfectly seasoned octopus the star of the barbecue for a guaranteed holiday feeling.

Delicious meat on the BBQ.

Meat: the star of the barbecue

A special cut of beef, pork or chicken grilled to perfection: barbecue fans love good meat. Here you'll find recipes for juicy steaks, delicious cutlets and unusual delicacies – find out about the various cuts and our tips and tricks for preparing them.

Barbecued food on the grill.

For perfect results: optimal cooking times

For real barbecue enjoyment, the food must be grilled to perfection. What's the best temperature and time for a steak on the barbecue? How often should I turn the chicken? And how long does the fish fillet need, again?  And the vegetables? We'll tell you what you need to know.

The legend of Sizzle Sizzle: Oh, so that's where that's from!?

Nature is springing to life, the sun is coming out and the birds are singing merrily once more. But there's another familiar sound in the air, and it's getting louder: the legendary Sizzle Sizzle. Finally: barbecue season is here! But where does that well-known sound actually come from? Our TV ads hold the answer. 
So what do you think: how did the legend of Sizzle Sizzle begin?
The myth: The hungry predator
A ravenous appetite for delicious barbecued food
The myth: Fire of the dragon
A journey back in time to the origins of barbecuing
The myth: The savvy camper
No smoke without fire: every barbecue needs roaring flames
The myth: In the summertime…
Delicious barbecued food: it's music to our ears