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Hot, tasty, and something for everyone: recipes for the barbecue

At last, some good weather! The barbecue's set up, the charcoal is glowing. But what will you cook? Whether juicy steak, tender fish, seafood or crisp vegetables, we've put together recipes and ideas for the perfect barbecue. Be inspired and wow your friends and family!

Spiral or classic – we’re talking sausages

When it comes to sausages, no one has an edge on us. That's why we also have some terrific recipes for various sausage specialities. Whether cervelat, farmer's bratwurst, chipolata, sausage spiral, as a sausage salad, as-is or wrapped in cheese and bacon: we've got delicious recipes for sausage fans.

Meat: set your tastebuds sizzling

A special cut of beef, pork or chicken grilled to perfection: barbecue fans love this time of year. Here you’ll find delicious recipes for juicy steaks, tasty pork chops or healthy chicken – barbecuing in its purest form.

Flavour that stacks up: burgers from the BBQ

A solid favourite, easily customized: classic, inventive or even plant-based, burgers can be made just the way you like. And what could be more fun than enjoying them in good company? Create your burger the way you like it – or find inspiration in one of our recipes!

Ocean jewels: fish and seafood

Tender fish, succulent seafood and fine shellfish: here we show you how delicacies taken from the water can become the undisputed star of the show on your home barbecue. Try something different on the barbecue.

Vegetarian: meat-free magic

Whether vegetables or cheese: vegetarian barbecue specialities are really popular. We've put together some great recipes for guaranteed meat-free barbecues.

Vegan barbecuing

Our recipes also work without any animal-based ingredients whatsoever. Discover vegan inspiration with plant-based ingredients – good for you and the planet.

Finger food: convenient nibbles

Not always quick to make, but always gone in a flash: discover our recipes for practical finger food that your guests can enjoy without a plate, knife or fork – great ideas for your barbecue party.

Dessert: the perfect finale

The barbecuing doesn't have to stop when the main dish is done. Our recipes for sweet desserts cooked on the barbecue complete any meal in style. Take a look at our ideas.

Cocktails with or without alcohol

As the sun slowly sets, round off a great day with the perfect cocktails. We've put together some suggestions to inspire you which go wonderfully with a barbecue – whether or not you make them alcoholic.