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Summer drinks for relaxed barbecues

Without the perfect drink, barbecues can be a bit dry. How about a light summer cocktail? Or a cool, crisp beer? We have some inspiration for you.

Whether mild or bitter: find the right beer

Do you know which beer you like? To help you find out, we've put together a selection of different delicious beers for you. The beers are sorted by their IBU (International Bitterness Unit). Producers and experts use this unit of measure to describe a beer's degree of bitterness. We've started with «very bitter» on the left, through to «mild» on the right. Discover new favourites.
India Pale Ale
This beer makes an impression with its bitter yet fruity flavour.
A special brewing method gives India pale ale its strong character: dry hopping, as it is called, adds more hops to the beer during the fermentation process. The aromas that this unlocks make it very intense.
India pale ale is therefore an extremely hoppy beer. The fruity, sometimes floral hop aromas are just as typical as the higher alcohol content. Experienced beer drinkers who want a strong flavour love it.
  • Alcohol content: between 5.6% and 7.4% ABV
  • Goes well with: hot and spicy dishes
  • Flavour: distinct bitterness
  • Origin: pale ale

Try summer cocktails

You don't always have to have beer. Barbecuing with a fresh cocktail in one hand is just as good. We've put together a few great recipes with and without alcohol for you: have fun shaking and mixing.

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