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We’ve got all of the popular plant-based brands

At Coop, you’ll find a plant-based substitute product for every occasion. These products do not contain meat, fish, milk, eggs, honey or any other ingredient of animal origin.
In our Coop supermarkets, there are currently over 1,000 products that feature the SwissVeg V-Label.
For many of the innovative brands of plant-based sensations, we were the first retailer in Switzerland to bring these exclusive products to our shelves. And our plant-based selection is constantly growing.

Plant-based substitute products: why not?

We offer you tasty alternatives to animal-based products like meat, fish, milk, yoghurt and cheese. Why not give them a try?

Our wide selection of plant-based brands

Our range of plant-based products includes our own-label brand Karma with a selection of naturally vegan products, and Délicorn with a wide offering of meat alternatives. We also offer various popular brands of plant-based substitute products such as New Roots, Beyond Burger, Planted, The Green Mountain, Vuna, Yolo and many more.
For its meat alternatives, Planted uses only natural ingredients. The great flavour and texture of these products are remarkably similar to meat. An extra dose of Vitamin B12 ensures that they also contain the necessary nutrients.
This young Swiss brand first made waves in 2019 with its innovative “planted Chicken”. This product tastes just like chicken but is actually made from pea protein, pea fibre, sunflower oil and water.
Planted also offers a variety of “pulled” products that will transform gourmet burgers, tacos and wraps into plant-based sensations. Planted’s “pulled” range uses sunflower proteins extracted from the parts of the plant that are not used during oil production. This makes it twice as sustainable.
A young start-up team at ETH Zurich developed the Planted products and now manufactures them in Kemptthal. We were the first supermarket to offer these innovative plant-based products.
Garden Gourmet
Garden Gourmet has offered delicious plant-based products using soya protein since 1986. The varied Garden Gourmet product range includes all kinds of meat alternatives, from burgers and escalopes to nuggets and mince.
The soya protein contained in these plant-based substitute products provide your body with all nine essential amino acids. And many Garden Gourmet products also have a high protein content – without containing any animal protein whatsoever. Rich in vegetables and other plant-based ingredients, these foods also provide plenty of fibre.
Transparency is important to the Garden Gourmet brand, which is why their packaging features a full list of ingredients as well as nutritional values and the Nutri-Score. Most Garden Gourmet products have a Nutri-Score of A or B, making them especially suitable for a balanced diet.
The Green Mountain
The Green Mountain’s tagline is «Zero meat. Really Swiss». In 2019, this brand introduced the very first plant-based burger developed and produced in Switzerland. Alongside burgers and mince, the range now includes a delicious plant-based meatloaf that can be cooked in the oven.
Products by The Green Mountain look, taste and can be used just like meat – except that they are 100% plant-based. These substitute products are based on peas, which are an excellent source of fibre and also have a high protein and Vitamin B12 content.
The Green Mountain products were developed in the Hilcona Taste Factory, a start-up based in Landquart in the canton of Graubünden.
Yolo’s motto is: «Just plants, no kiddin' – enjoy life to the max, 100% plant-based». This young brand featuring plant-based substitute products is available exclusively in our supermarkets and at
Yolo offers a delicious range of plant-based products, including fish alternatives such as tinned tuna, meat substitutes such as slices, sausages and escalopes, as well as a vegan butter. The Yolo range is growing and growing – and growing.
Since 2006, we have offered a delicious range of meat alternatives under our own-label Délicorn brand. These 30 or so products are based on natural ingredients such as soya, wheat, vegetables and milk proteins. Délicorn offers a wide selection including burgers, strips, mince, escalopes and much more.
The products are extremely tender, juicy and flavoursome, thus providing high-quality alternatives to meat. They are easy to prepare since all products are ready to be pan-fried or grilled.
The Beyond Burger has gained legendary status as the pioneer of plant-based meat alternatives, since it is on a par with meat in terms of flavour, consistency and appearance. It was developed by Californian start-up Beyond Meat.
The Beyond Burger features a similar composition to burgers made from meat: proteins, fat, trace elements and water. 100 g contain 17.6 g of purely plant-based proteins derived from the basic ingredient: peas. In addition, beetroot delivers the meaty red colouring, while coconut oil and potato starch ensure the necessary texture and succulent consistency.
We were the first Swiss retailer to stock the Beyond Burger in our supermarkets.

Our plant-based brands for milk and cheese substitutes

Karma offers a range of vegetarian and an increasing number of vegan food items – from breakfast products to pasta and ingredients for balanced meals, as well as drinks and ice creams. 
The Karma range of plant-based milk and yoghurt alternatives is extensive. We have over ten milk alternatives from Karma based on soya, rice, almonds, cashews or oats. Each product has a slightly different flavour and  different benefits. The soya option, for example, is high in protein, while the cashew milk has a creamy, nutty taste. Karma also offers lots of yoghurt alternatives based on soya and coconut.
Karma products are certified with the V-Label from Swissveg, and many of these foods are labelled with the Bio Suisse bud.
Alpro is a pioneer in plant-based nutrition. This Belgian company launched its first plant-based food product for people with special dietary requirements 40 years ago. 
Today, Alpro offers a wide range of delicious plant-based drinks, yoghurt alternatives, cooking creams and desserts – based on soya beans, coconuts, almonds, hazelnuts, rice or oats.
Alpro’s plant-based products have a naturally low carbon and water footprint as the company uses European oats and Mediterranean almonds and soya. 
With its plant-based yoghurt and milk alternatives, Beleaf wants to encourage and show people that they don’t have to compromise on enjoyment. Quite the opposite, in fact! Beleaf’s almond-based products have a well-rounded, exciting flavour.
The Beleaf range currently includes Almond Yogs in different flavours, as well as protein shakes and drinks. It exclusively uses almonds from Spain, and its yoghurt alternatives are produced in Emmen in Canton Lucerne.
New Roots
New Roots are plant-based cheese alternatives made from cashew nuts. They not only look like cheese but they taste just like it, too. The products from New Roots are organic and are made by hand in Switzerland and matured using traditional methods.
Freddy Hunziker, a cheese enthusiast and passionate vegan from Thun, began making milk from cashew nuts in order to produce cheese back in 2016. Freddy and his partner, Alice Fauconnet, are pioneers of vegan cheese in Switzerland and have already won numerous Swiss Vegan Awards and Peta Vegan Food Awards with New Roots.
These delicious cheese alternatives from New Roots were first introduced into our supermarkets in 2019. Today, we offer products such as the New Roots Soft White Extra, Fresh Pepper and Plain Ricotta.
Simply V
The delicious cheese substitutes from Simply V originate from the green hills of Allgäu. It’s important to the Simply V team that their plant-based alternatives are just as flavoursome as regular cheese. These delicious plant-based products have impressed numerous judging panels, earning Simply V multiple awards.
Sweet almonds from California give these cheese substitutes their wonderfully aromatic flavour. Because Simply V cares about the environment, it prefers to work with small, family-run businesses in northern California. Simply V also uses coconut oil in the production of its products. Here too, the company opts for coconuts from sustainable, fair-trade producers.
Violife stands for delicious, diverse cheese substitutes with no animal-based ingredients. The products from Violife are free from lactose, gluten, nuts, soya, preservatives and cholesterol, and are therefore suitable for all.
The melt-in-the-mouth, creamy or slightly spicy Violife cheese substitutes have received the award for best vegan “cheese” on multiple occasions. This brand from Thessaloniki in Greece has more than 20 years’ experience in plant-based food production and is every bit as innovative now as it was the day it was first established.
Greek White Block is a plant-based alternative to feta, and Grated Mozzarella Flavour is a mozzarella substitute that will transform your pizza into a vegan delight. You can find both of these Violife products in our supermarkets and at