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Demeter certification guarantees that products are produced according to organic agriculture guidelines and processed with great care, in line with these requirements. Animal husbandry plays a central role in the organic farm organism. Keeping cows produces exactly the right amount of dung to enrich agricultural land, while organic preparations and careful composting turn this dung into excellent fertilizer. Thus cows are kept not just for their milk or their meat, but primarily to improve the fertility of the soil.


Terraviva was established in 1946 and is now the Swiss organic fruit and vegetable producers association. Around 80 active producers of fruit and fresh or stored vegetables have come together to take responsibility for the marketing of their products. Terraviva's headquarters is in Kerzers in the Fribourg lake area of Switzerland. The producers are from across the entire country, from Lake Constance to Lake Geneva.Terraviva's objective is to market its members' products - which are produced entirely in line with the Bio Suisse Bio-Knospe guidelines - as comprehensively as possible, thus providing customers with fresh, healthy and tasty organic produce. We consult with our producers and our customers in order to tailor the available produce as closely as possible to the demand. In order to offer a varied and complete range of produce, Terraviva also offers imported fruit and vegetables, certified according to the strict Bio-Knospe provisions, and they also works very closely with foreign producers to maintain their stringent standards.

Bio Suisse

Bio Suisse is the leading organic organization in Switzerland, the owner of the 'Knospe' label and an umbrella organization over 6'100 “Knospe” operations. Furthermore, over 900 operations in the processing and trading sector are 'Knospe'-licensed. The Knospe stands for operation-wide “organic” practices, as well as diverse habitats for plants and animals. It guarantees animal welfare with species-specific feed, appropriate housing and adequate access to space and grazing. Knospe certified farms do not use any chemical-synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Bio Suisse thus maintains a balance between people, animals and nature. Coop has been a strategic partner of Bio Suisse since 1993 and relies on the stringent Bio Suisse guidelines for its organic Naturaplan products.