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Passabene – shop in record time

Thanks to Passabene self-scanning, you can shop conveniently using your smartphone or the Passabene handheld scanners. Shopping has never been so quick and easy – give Passabene a try now!

Benefits of Passabene at a glance

Shopping made easy!

Thanks to Passabene, you can scan your shopping directly on the shelf in any Coop supermarket in Switzerland and pop it straight into your shopping bag. All you need is your smartphone or one of our Passabene handheld scanners, which are already available in over 350 of our stores.

Your advantages:
  • Cost check: Keep an eye on your shopping total at all times
  • Short waiting times: Transferring your pre-scanned shopping basket to a checkout of your choice speeds up your shopping experience.
  • Easy to use: Scan the items yourself using the app or handheld scanner and place them directly in your bag.

Download the app now for free
Download on App Store Download on Google Play

How to shop with your smartphone:

Download the Passabene app

Download free in the App Store or from Google Play.

Log in

Launch the app and log in with your Supercard ID.

Start shopping

Click on «Start shopping» and off you go!

Select store

Via the app or store code at the supermarket entrance.*

Scan items with your smartphone

Scan the barcode of each individual item.

Shopping complete

Scan the completion code at the checkout and pay as usual.
*You can select your store either by means of the location recognition in the Passabene app or scan the store code at the entrance of the supermarket.

How to shop with a handheld scanner:

Start your shop at the Passabene wall

Hold your Supercard or app barcode up to the scanner.

Start shopping

When the handheld scanner flashes, remove it from the mount and start shopping!

Record your shopping using the scanner

Scan the barcode of each individual item.

Shopping complete

Scan the completion code at the checkout and pay.

Our answers to your questions about Passabene

Who can use Passabene?
You don't need to register to use Passabene!
All you need to shop with Passabene is a valid Supercard membership.
  • To shop with the Passabene app, you will need your Supercard ID.
  • To shop with a handheld scanner, you will need your Supercard or barcode from the Supercard app.
For more information on Supercard ID, go to:
I don't have a flat rate for data. What should I do?
Use our free Wi-Fi in store. You will be forwarded automatically to the registration page where you can register.
How do I start shopping with Passabene?
With a smartphone
Download the free Passabene app to your smartphone. Make sure you have an Internet connection, then launch the Passabene app and log in with your Supercard ID. An Internet connection can be established via your mobile phone network or our free Coop Wi-Fi.
For more information, go to:
If location recognition is on, the app will automatically display available stores in your area. Select the desired store. If location recognition is not activated, you can scan the store QR code at the entrance or at the scanner station.
Once you have selected your store, you can scan the barcode of your chosen items using your smartphone camera.
With a handheld scanner
Our Passabene handheld scanners are available in around 350 of our stores. To start shopping, simply hold your Supercard up to the scanner at the scanner station. Remove the flashing device and confirm the welcome screen. You can now begin scanning the barcode on each item of shopping. Mobility-impaired shoppers should first press the blue «Wheelchair button» on the screen. This will release a device from a lower row. You can then proceed as above.
What should I do if store recognition doesn't work?
If automatic store recognition doesn't work or if you have deactivated your location recognition, you can scan the store QR code at the entrance or at the scanner station.
What should I do if I can't log in using store recognition or the store QR barcode?
Please notify a member of our staff or Customer Service so that we can check this for you.
What should I do if I can't scan a barcode?
Make sure that the barcode is clearly lit and not impaired by shadow, damaged or creased.
For mobile phones:
Make sure that the camera is focused on the barcode and not other objects in the background. Vary the distance if necessary. If you are still unable to scan an item successfully, please contact a cashier or a member of staff at the self-checkout area.
Why can I not multiply this article?
We ask for your understanding that all articles have to be scanned individually. Entering a multiple quantity («Plus key») is only available for very few articles.
Who should I go to for help if I'm having difficulty shopping?
Should you have any problems while shopping, please don't hesitate to approach a member of staff or our Customer Service.
How can I redeem coupons or take part in collection promotions?
Discount coupons with a barcode can be redeemed when paying at the checkout or self-checkout. Activated digital discount coupons are recognized automatically at the checkout and the discount is deducted.
No additional input is required. Make sure that the coupon is activated before you pay. If you have multiple accounts or Supercards, please also make sure that you have activated the coupon with the right account in the Supercard app.
What should I do if I can't transfer my shopping to the checkout?
Please use the QR code – either electronically on the terminal screen (self-checkout) or on the customer screen (staffed cash register) to transfer your shopping.
Please check that you have an active Internet connection. If you use the free Coop Wi-Fi, please ensure that SMS authentication was done.
Please also make sure that no items and no Supercard or coupons have been scanned at the chosen checkout yet. In this case, transmission with Passabene is no longer possible.
If you still can't transfer your shopping, try assigning it to another checkout and notify a member of our staff.
How is my shopping monitored?
For your security and ours, the system requires spot checks to be carried out. The inspection system can trigger both random checks and full checks.
You will see any discrepancies on your receipt.
If you are subject to a spot check at any time, we would ask for your understanding.
If you have any questions about a specific check, please contact our Customer Service.
What are the consequences of theft?
Stealing is not worth it – honesty is rewarded! Theft will result in increased checks and may lead to the removal of Passabene.
I have suggestions for Passabene
Our Customer Service team will be happy to receive suggestions on how to improve Passabene.