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"2x Christmas": Your donation parcels helps people living in poverty

For many people, Christmas is a celebration of excesses. Not everyone who lives in Switzerland can participate in the enjoyment. The Swiss Red Cross (SRC), Swiss Post, SRG SSR and Coop thus organize the campaign “2x Christmas” on behalf of people affected by poverty.

A little effort for lots of pleasure

You too can help bring pleasure to people affected by poverty. Coop offers you two simple options for doing this.
Donation parcels at too

Donation parcels at too

Choose from our parcels costing CHF 20, 50 or 100. The gift parcel will not be delivered to your home. will collect all gift parcels until 7 January 2023. The products in your gift parcel will then be grouped together with all of the other donations from the "2x Christmas" initiative to make one large shipment, and will deliver this to the Swiss Red Cross logistics centre in Bern.
This year, donation parcels can also be easily paid for with Superpoints via the Supercard rewards store. You can choose between three donation parcels worth 2 000, 5 000 and 10 000 Superpoints.
Please note that you will not receive a confirmation of your donation.
Coop donation parcels for CHF 20

Coop donation parcels for CHF 20 in selected Coop shops

In consultation with the SRC, Coop has packed donation parcels containing durable foodstuffs and personal hygiene articles for you. Collect a ready-made parcel for CHF 20 the next time you shop at selected Coop stores from 27 December 2022 until 7 January 2023. Pay for the parcel at the cash register and hand it in directly at the Customer Service desk. Coop and Swiss Post will deliver the parcels to the SRC, which will distribute them directly to people living in poverty in Switzerland.
Of course you can also put together a parcel yourself with long-life basic foods and personal care articles, take it to the nearest post office counter and hand it in free of charge (or have it collected free of charge at your home by the postal carrier via pick@home at Swiss Post will transport the parcels to the SRC in Bern.
All donated products will be distributed to poverty-stricken families, individuals and charitable institutions in Switzerland.
The "2x Christmas" campaign starts on 24 December 2022 and will run until 11 January 2023.
Additional information and donation possibilities for “2x Christmas” are available here:

Coop is committed to helping the Swiss Red Cross

Coop has supported the "2x Christmas" campaign since 1997 with an annual donation of goods worth around CHF 400 000 and has been the official partner of the Swiss Red Cross since 2015.