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Win a box of new Emmi products to enjoy at home

Are you curious to know how the newest Emmi products taste, and would you like to try them? Then enter our competition and win one of 500 cool bags with new spring products from Emmi.
In the Emmi cool bag you’ll find, for example, the latest Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE products: Double Zero Macchiato and CAFFÈ DRINK Oat Cappuccino made from Swiss oats. Or would you prefer a super-fruity smoothie bowl with crispy Familia muesli, a Balanced Break cheese snack or a classic, vegan Swiss Beleaf Bircher muesli? You can win these and many other delicious Emmi products.
There’s sure to be something for everyone! And you get a free Emmi cool bag with cooling elements, which you can certainly use for your next summer picnic.

With a little luck you could win the following products:

  • Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Double Zero Macchiato
  • Emmi CAFFÈ DRINK Oat Cappuccino
  • Emmi Energy Milk mango & passion fruit whey yoghurt
  • Emmi Energy Drink Plant Protein Choco
  • Beleaf Oat strawberry yoghurt alternative
  • Beleaf Bircher Muesli
  • Emmi Pur forest fruits & date yoghurt
  • Emmi Balanced Break – cheese cubes, cranberries & cashews
  • Emmi Balanced Break – cheese cubes, raisins & almonds
  • Emmi cool bag – ideal for your next summer picnic
  • Emmi Smoothie Bowl Berry Boost