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Buy Grittibänz bread rolls and help families

Small action, big impact – from 18 October, buy delicious Grittibänz bread rolls in your local Coop and we will donate 10 centimes to the Swiss Red Cross for every roll purchased. Together, we can support families in need. Do your bit now and enjoy!

Grittibänz fundraiser

A fundraising campaing from Coop for the Swiss Red Cross to benefit families affected by poverty in Switzerland.

Poverty and social hardship are less obvious in Switzerland than in many other countries. For those affected – often families – the effects are no less difficult to bear. If you live on a tight budget and receive an unexpected bill, you can quickly get into difficulties. Even a small contribution can provide great relief.
Examples of how the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) can help include:
  • Families and individuals who have a modest income and cannot pay the treatment costs that are not covered by health insurance in the event of health problems. The SRC helps by providing individual aid.
  • Families whose children are ill or whose parents are going through hard times. The child’s well-being is always paramount. The SRC helps by providing childcare at home.

Small action, big effect

Coop also wants to help, and will donate 10 centimes for every Grittibänz purchased to the Swiss Red Cross to benefit families affected by poverty in Switzerland.
You can help as well via this fundraising campaign. From 18 October, visit a Coop sales outlet and choose one of our delicious Grittibänz bread rolls.

Coop is committed to helping the Swiss Red Cross

Coop has been working together closely with the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) for many years, and has been the official partner of the SRC since 2015. Coop and the SRC represent two traditional and successful organizations who have formed a partnership that benefits people in need in Switzerland and abroad.
At the same time, Coop supports the family platform and the long-standing campaign “2 x Christmas”, organized by the SRC, SRG and Swiss Post. Each year, we donate half a million francs’ worth of goods. We have been following through on this commitment since 1997.