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It works online too

You can collect Trophy points in two ways: as a sticker on the points card or even more conveniently with a digital points card in the Coop app. Download the app and try it out!

Collecting Trophy points on your smartphone – here's how it works

1. Participate

Download the Coop app and participate in the "SOUND TROPHY" points card.
Coop Supercard: Present it and benefit in the TROPHY

2. Do your shopping and show your Supercard at the checkout

For every CHF 10 you spend in store and at, the points will be automatically credited to your account digitally at checkout. Points will not be credited for purchases made at Coop City, Fust or Interdiscount online shops.

3. Benefit

When you reach 20 points, you will receive a digital coupon. We will give you 2 points per card for free.

4. Collect your reward

Activate the coupon in the app, present your Supercard at the checkout, and claim your desired reward at the Trophy price.
Note: You will require a Supercard to collect Trophy points digitally. Physical points cannot be converted into digital points. The first two points are given to you for free when collecting digitally, too. You can fill a maximum of 30 points cards digitally and redeem these by 15.1.2023 at your local Coop.
No additional physical Trophy points will be given if you are collecting them digitally.

Collecting with the points card

Points cards for the SOUND TROPHY from Coop
We will give you the first two points on each points card for free! You will receive the next points at the checkout for every CHF 10 you spend. Once your points card is full, you can buy your reward at the discounted price. Download your points card here and print it out. Check the FAQ for all other information.

Questions and answers about Trophy

How do I get points?
You will receive 1 point for every CHF 10 you spend. If you make a purchase of between CHF 50 and CHF 59.95, you will receive 5 points at the checkout. You will receive points for purchases at Coop supermarkets, Coop restaurants, Coop City department stores, Fust and Interdiscount stores, and for every order you place in our online supermarket,
You do not need to enter into any obligations and do not need to provide either your name or address to take part in Trophy. You will not receive any points when purchasing the following articles: spirits/liqueurs, tobacco products, gift cards, experience boxes, Reka Card, Swiss motorway tax stickers, official rubbish bags, waste disposal fee stickers, deposits, empties, telephone cards, mobile phone credit, rare wines & Bordeaux primeurs, lottery/Toto scratchcards/tickets, ticket sales, home delivery service, delivery fees, rental services, replacement parts, repairs, services.
How do I collect points digitally using the Coop app?
You will find all the important information about collecting digital points under "Digital points cards – how it all works".
What can I do with a full points card?
Once you have affixed 18 points into one points card, you can purchase your reward at the preferential price. The same applies to the Trophy wine rewards and the Coop Mobile subscription. Superpoints can be used to pay for the JBL items and Coop Mobile subscription at Coop City, except for Coop City food departments. The wine rewards cannot be paid for with Superpoints. You can claim the current rewards at your Coop, Coop City, Fust and Interdiscount stores, as well as at Hand over your completed points card at the checkout. You can collect and redeem points digitally on your smartphone for this Trophy, too.
Where can I get my Trophy reward?
You can claim the current rewards at your Coop, Coop City, Fust and Interdiscount stores, as well as at Hand over your completed points card at the checkout. Superpoints can be used to pay for rewards at Coop City, except for Coop City food departments. In this Trophy promotion, with each full points card you will receive six bottles of exclusive top wines with up to CHF 60 off in all of the Coop supermarkets and Coop City food departments participating in the Trophy promotion, as well as here at
How long can I collect the Trophy points?
Points will be issued at every Coop checkout from Tuesday, 20 September until Sunday, 31 December 2022.
Can I also redeem an old Trophy points card?
Points cards are only valid with 18 points from the current Trophy promotion. Cutting out and sticking pre-printed points into another points card is not permitted.
How many points cards may I redeem?
You may redeem as many points cards as you like. You can fill a maximum of 30 points cards digitally.
Until when can I redeem my points card(s)?
You can redeem full points cards until Sunday, 15 January 2023.
If you are away, please give your full points card(s) to a trusted person who can redeem it/them in time for you.
Available while stocks last. Cannot be combined with other discounts. The items will not be sold as part of our usual range after the Trophy promotion.
How do I contact JBL Support?
Simply call: +41 225912934
Service hours: Mon–Fri: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sat–Sun: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
More information, FAQ and ways to get in touch:
  1. With a full points card you can get, for example, the JBL Tune 500 for CHF 19.95 instead of 39.95. We are giving you the first two stamps in each points card for free! The Trophy runs from Tuesday, 20 September 2022 until Sunday, 15 January 2023. Available while stocks last. The option of redeeming points may be restricted in line with cantonal provisions.