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General Terms and Conditions

Version 1.5; 15.05.2022

Coop Cooperative, Thiersteinerallee 12-14, 4053 Basel (hereinafter referred to as Coop), headquartered in Basel, runs an online supermarket.
The range is aimed at private individuals aged 18 or over, resident in Switzerland, and legal entities headquartered in Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The delivery area is restricted to the territories of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.
These GTC apply to all steps in the purchasing process which take place via the online supermarket, in particular the registration and storage of customer data, ordering, delivery, payment, customer service as well as complaints, and the use of customer data.
The use of customer data is covered by the Privacy Policy. Specific reference is made to the Privacy Policy, which forms an integral part of these GTC.
Only legally competent persons may register with the online supermarket. To place an order in the online supermarket, customers must identify themselves in the online supermarket with their e-mail address and password.
If the customer is placing an order in the online supermarket for the first time and does not yet have an online account, they will be asked when placing the first order to set up a user account and provide the necessary customer data. The data required for registration that are provided by the customer must be complete and accurate. The customer is responsible for updating their own data. Registration is free. There is no entitlement to admission to the online supermarket.
Following registration, a new customer voucher may be sent by e-mail. This voucher may only be redeemed once per household, even if multiple registrations are submitted. Coop reserves the right to refuse the new customer voucher if it is redeemed more than once, or to cancel the order.
The customer undertakes to protect access to their user account and not to divulge the account password to third parties.
An info e-mail may be sent to the e-mail address indicated during the registration process several times a year, containing the latest news or special promotions. The customer can unsubscribe from this info e-mail at any time by clicking on the appropriate link in the footer at the bottom of the e-mail.
Mailings may be sent by post to the postal address several times a year. If the customer does not wish to receive mailings by post, they may inform the customer service in writing at any time.
How can orders be placed?
Orders in the online supermarket are placed exclusively online.
Range and product information
The range in the online supermarket may differ from the range stocked by Coop in local sales outlets and may also differ regionally, depending on the place of delivery.
Coop makes every effort to provide accurate product information. The product information published in the online supermarket is regularly updated, with the utmost care. In exceptional cases, the information may deviate from the details printed on the product packaging. In such an instance, the information on the packaging takes precedence. The customer must always check the product packaging for specific information about allergies, intolerances, diabetes etc. before consuming the product.
In regard to wine, Coop guarantees the accuracy of the published product information about the manufacturer and the vintage.
Declaration of origin on fresh produce
If the origin of fresh produce actually delivered is not the same as the origin declared at the time of placing the order in the online supermarket, or if its origin is no longer visible on receipt, the customer is entitled to request a refund to the value of the goods concerned. For more on this, see also “Customer service and complaints”.
Bio Suisse
Coop adheres to the rigorous standards of Bio Suisse. Depending on the season, some products may also be delivered that are produced while making the switch to organic agriculture.
Alcohol and tobacco products
Coop does not sell alcohol or tobacco products to young people under age 18. When ordering alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, the customer undertakes to ensure that delivery is accepted by a person aged 18 or over. This applies to personal acceptance in the case of delivery by delivery services as well as if the order is left at the door.
Mondovino customer programme (wine club)
Customers who are also members of the Mondovino customer programme have the opportunity to buy hand-picked and exclusive wines on subscription (up-front sale). Additional terms and conditions apply to the ordering, advance payment and delivery of wines on subscription (see “Special products” under “Wines on subscription”).
Intellectual property
Coop has the exclusive right to use all product descriptions, images, photographs, texts etc.
Quantity restriction
In order to ensure the greatest possible availability of products for all our customers, Coop reserves the right to limit product sales to normal household quantities. Consequently, depending on the product or product category, only a certain number of items may be placed in the shopping basket.
Order placement / contractual relationship
The order is binding on the customer when they complete the online ordering process by clicking the “Submit order” confirmation button. The customer can no longer change the contents of the order after clicking the confirmation button. By clicking the confirmation button, the customer confirms the accuracy of the information they have provided. By clicking the confirmation button, the customer is making a binding offer to purchase the products ordered. The customer receives an e-mail confirming their order immediately after completing the ordering process. This confirmation e-mail from Coop constitutes acceptance of the offer by Coop. No contractual relationship exists between the customer and Coop until this confirmation e-mail has been sent by Coop.
The customer has no entitlement to acceptance of their order by Coop. Coop may decide not to accept an order and to refuse to confirm it.
Orders may be placed up to seven days before the required delivery date. One-hour time slots can be reserved for deliveries by the Coop online supermarket's own delivery service.
Amending and cancelling orders
Orders can only be amended if the customer has not yet clicked the “Submit order” confirmation button to complete the ordering process. Once the customer has clicked the confirmation button and thus made their offer to Coop, the order can no longer be amended.
The customer may cancel orders confirmed by Coop, provided they do so at least 36 hours before the chosen delivery time. Those 36 hours must fall entirely within working days. Example: If the customer places an order in the online supermarket on a Friday and requests delivery the following Monday, the order can no longer be cancelled because the 36-hour cancellation period is over the weekend.
The customer must contact Customer Service if they wish to cancel the order. Customer Service can be contacted as follows: contact. Cancellation is only valid if confirmed by Customer Service. Cancellation is only possible during Customer Service opening hours. The Customer Service opening hours can be found here.
Coop reserves the right to cancel orders. In this event, the customer will be notified by e-mail before the goods are dispatched.
Guarantee of data communication
Given the current state of the art, no guarantee can be provided that data communication via the Internet will be error-free and/or available at any time. Coop therefore accepts no liability in respect of the constant, uninterrupted availability of the online supermarket, nor for technical and electronic faults during the ordering process, in particular for any delay in processing or accepting orders.
Delivery of products ordered
Products ordered are delivered to the delivery address indicated by the customer, at the chosen delivery time. The customer may also choose to collect ordered products from the pick-up station.
Depending on the products and place of delivery, delivery will be undertaken by Coop's own delivery service or by various delivery service partners. If only wines are ordered, delivery is subject to the following special arrangement: if accessible, delivery is made to the front door for private individuals and to reception for business customers. Mobile phone credit is delivered electronically.
For reasons of quality and security, Coop aims to hand the goods over to the customer personally. In case of deliveries using our own delivery fleet, the customer chooses at the time of ordering whether they wish the delivery to be left in a safe place if the contact person they has designated is unavailable. The customer can specify where the order should be left if they are not at home.
If delivery is made by a delivery service partner, should the customer or the contact person they have designated be unavailable, the delivery will be left at the delivery address, usually by the front door.
By completing the ordering process in the online supermarket, the customer consents to the delivery being left at the delivery address should the customer be absent.
Deliveries by delivery service partners to addresses with no home delivery are left at the location where the parcel service leaves parcels for these types of addresses.
Once the order has been handed over or the products left, the benefits and risk, particularly the risk of theft, damage by third parties or environmental factors, pass to the customer.
If the customer exclusively orders wines, the following delivery arrangements apply:
In the case of wine, the form of delivery depends on the order value. If the order value is up to CHF 400.00, delivery is made by Swiss Post (VINOLOG® wine delivery service). For orders worth CHF 400.00 or more, the customer can choose between delivery by Coop's own delivery service, or Swiss Post.
If delivery is made by VINOLOG®, the earliest delivery time is the third working day after receipt of the order, not counting the date of the order. Example: if the wines are ordered on a Monday, the earliest delivery time is Thursday of that same week.
Swiss Post's general terms of delivery apply to delivery by VINOLOG®. The delivery will be handed over in person. Goods cannot be left by the front door. If personal handover is not possible at the delivery time, a collection notice will be left in the letter box. The customer can use the collection notice to choose a second free delivery or collect the delivery in person from a Swiss Post collection point.
Delivery times and adherence to delivery periods
Coop and the delivery service partners make every effort to adhere to the delivery periods. However, all delivery times stated by Coop are for guidance only. Failure to adhere to delivery times by Coop and its delivery service partners does not entitle the customer to withdraw from the contract or to receive compensation.
Impossibility of making delivery
In the event that Coop or its delivery partners are not in a position to deliver an order confirmed by Coop, Coop is under no obligation to carry out the delivery. In this event, the order will be cancelled by Coop. The customer will be notified by e-mail.
The customer is not thereby entitled to compensation.
The customer must provide accurate information and adhere to that information. If the customer is in breach of this requirement and Coop is therefore unable to deliver the order, e.g. due to the customer's address details being incorrect or if the customer does not want the products to be left by the door when deliveries are made by Coop's own delivery service but is nonetheless not at home, Coop is entitled to cancel the order and charge a fixed compensation fee of CHF 50.00 for the inconvenience caused.
Incomplete order fulfilment
Coop makes every effort to deliver all the products ordered, in sufficient number and to a high quality standard. However, in exceptional cases and for various reasons, insufficient products may be available or it may not be possible to release goods. Therefore, Coop reserves the right to make part deliveries. In this event, the customer will be notified by e-mail before the goods are dispatched.
Products that are not available at the time of delivery will not be subsequently dispatched or substituted with other products. The actual products delivered are stated on the delivery note and on the invoice. In the event that a product is listed on the final delivery note and on the invoice but was not actually delivered, the customer will be refunded the appropriate amount.
In the case of part deliveries, the customer is not entitled to compensation, either pecuniary or in kind.
Delivery charges
Delivery charges are shown each time an order is placed. The total delivery charge varies, depending on the form of delivery chosen, the order value less any vouchers and discounts, and order frequency. Minimum volumes may apply depending on the products and the nature of the delivery.
Delivery charges may be paid with Superpoints if the customer has selected this option during the ordering process.
Delivery note and invoice
Delivery notes and invoices are normally sent electronically.
Empty PET bottles as well as Coop cardboard boxes and old paper bags (no product packaging) can be returned to Coop’s own delivery service driver or the delivery service partner’s driver when the next delivery is received. PET bottles must be collected in a PET bag, which can be ordered free of charge, and Coop paper carrier bags and cardboard boxes should be bundled together. Alternatively, PET bottles, paper bags and cardboard boxes can also be collected and returned separately in old paper bags.
All other reusable materials, such as glass bottles with and without a deposit, product packaging, tins, plastic and aluminium packaging etc. must be disposed of by the customer at the official collection points. A maximum of 1 full PET bag, 1 bag of old carrier bags and 1 bag of cardboard boxes (reinforcing inserts inside carrier bags) may be returned per order.
The products and prices are normally the same as those available in Coop outlets. However, there may be differences, particularly during special offers and for special ranges.
All prices are quoted in Swiss francs, including VAT at the applicable rate. The prices charged are always those displayed on the online supermarket’s website at the time of the order.
Where products are charged by weight (fruit, meat, cheese, etc.), the basic price per unit applies. The quantity of such products actually delivered, and therefore the price invoiced, may differ slightly from the original order value.
Payment methods and payment terms
Various payment methods are available, depending on the products and the means of dispatch. Coop is entitled to decide at its own discretion which payment method to accept in each case.
The various payment options are: credit card, TWINT, PostFinance, invoice and paycard monthly invoice.
For legal entities, the “by invoice” payment type is only available on written request (Invoice request for companies (legal entities) or Invoice request for public-law institutions/institutions).
The payment methods available are displayed for selection when the order is finalized.
If, at the time of the order, the customer is in arrears with the payment of previous invoice amounts or has exceeded their personal credit limit, the option to pay "by invoice" is not available.
After delivery of the goods, invoices are sent by e-mail if possible, and otherwise mailed to the billing address specified by the customer or included directly with the delivery. Invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt, without deductions or other discounts. Wrongful deductions will be charged to the customer. Failure to settle an invoice on time incurs a charge of CHF 20.00 plus default interest at a rate of 5% per annum, from the due date.
With credit card, PostFinance, TWNT and paycard payment methods, the amount reserved on the payment method will be increased if the order contains products whose price depends on the actual delivered weight. The value of the goods actually delivered as stated on the delivery note will be charged.
Credit check / creditworthiness
Coop is entitled to make delivery of orders contingent upon a check of creditworthiness.
By placing an order, the customer expressly authorizes Coop to examine their creditworthiness by any means it considers appropriate, and, to this end, to pass on customer data to third parties if necessary.
Collection and assignment of claim to third parties
If the customer is late in payment, Coop is entitled to mandate a third party with the collection of outstanding payments and to assign its claims to third parties in Switzerland or abroad. In the event of assignment, all outstanding claims at that time will be assigned. This entails costs for the customer. The additional costs can be seen here.
Discounts, privileges and vouchers
Special offers
Special offers available in the online supermarket differ in some respects from those available from Coop outlets or other sales channels.
Coop's online supermarket only accepts vouchers that expressly state that they can be redeemed at the online supermarket. Only one voucher can be redeemed per order. Vouchers cannot be combined. Vouchers must be entered when the order is placed; they cannot be subsequently credited. If the value of the order is below the value of the voucher, the remaining balance is forfeited.
Vouchers cannot be used for spirits, tobacco, rubbish bags, baby first milk, delicatessen orders, gift cards, mobile phone credit, subscriptions or Mondovino Highlights (unless explicitly stated otherwise on the voucher). Nor are these products counted towards the order value of promotions (e.g. +2000 Superpoints when spending CHF 200 or more).
The customer can provide their Supercard number when placing an order, and will then receive Superpoints for the products ordered in the online supermarket. The Supercard GTC apply.
Trophy stamps
If a Trophy campaign is running at Coop at the time of the order and the customer wants to receive Trophy stamps for the products ordered, they must indicate this when placing the order. No Trophy stamps will be awarded unless the customer expressly requests them. Stamps cannot be awarded retrospectively.
Discounted Trophy products can only be ordered with full points cards and if delivery is to be made by Coop's own delivery service. Discounted Trophy products cannot be ordered if the delivery is to be carried out by delivery service partners. Discounted Trophy products cannot be left in a safe place, but must be handed over in the presence of the recipient in return for the requisite number of full stamp cards.
Staff discount
Holders of a Coop staff discount card can benefit from additional Superpoints on food and from discounts on non-food items in the online supermarket. To do so, the holder must go to ‘My account’ -> ‘Summary of loyalty programmes’ and enter their Coop staff discount card number before placing the order.
Wines on subscription
Subscriptions are taken into account in order of receipt. If demand exceeds supply, Coop reserves the right to reduce the quantity ordered.
Prices are net. No privileges, discounts and coupons can be claimed. The order units are per original pack; 6 x 75 cl bottles. Only magnums (150 cl) can be ordered individually.
Once the order has been received, the customer receives an invoice which constitutes Coop's acceptance of the order. The invoice amount is payable within 30 days. The invoice must be paid within the specified deadline, without deducting any reductions or cash discounts, failing which the order will be deemed to have been cancelled.
Wines are delivered in accordance with the information provided at the time of ordering. Notification of the delivery will be sent approximately eight weeks in advance so that any address changes can be taken into account. Delivery will be made only to your domicile in Switzerland. Collections from and deliveries to Coop points of sale are not possible.
Coop undertakes to deliver all orders that have been punctually paid for, subject to availability. Should Coop be unable to deliver an order, for any reason whatsoever, Coop undertakes to refund the amount paid by the customer, plus 2% compensation. There is no obligation to replacement in kind. Coop accepts no liability for compensation.
CoopMobile contracts (postpay and prepay)
Ordering and utilizing CoopMobile friends (postpay) and CoopMobile Prix Garantie (prepay) handsets and SIM cards are also subject to the CoopMobile GTC (postpay and prepay). The applicant and the contract holder must be over 18.
Prepay mobile phone credit
The online supermarket sells mobile phone credit for various providers (CoopMobile, Salt, Swisscom, Sunrise, Lycamobile and Yallo).
Mobile phone credit should be activated as soon as possible. The confidential code can only be used once. No exchanges or refunds are possible.
Coop gift cards
Purchases of Coop gift vouchers are also subject to the relevant Coop GTC.
Purchases of Coop delicatessen platters
When ordering delicatessen platters from the online supermarket, the customer selects a store from which to collect the delicatessen products. The collection period specified in the order confirmation is binding. If Coop is unable to provide the products for collection at the agreed time, the customer may cancel the order when contacted by Coop. The customer is not entitled to make any further claims.
The customer may not choose a different store from which to collect the products once an order has been placed. If the customer is unable to collect the products at the agreed time, the store in question must be notified by telephone. The chosen collection date is binding. The usual opening hours of the chosen store apply to the collection of products. If a product is not collected on the agreed date, Coop has the right to cancel the order and may charge a fee of CHF 100.00 for the inconvenience. The customer undertakes to examine the products immediately upon collection to ensure that the goods are correct, complete and undamaged. The customer must report any issues with the collected products to the meat or fish counter in the store without delay.
Catering orders may only be cancelled by phone. Please call the store from which the order was to be collected. You can find an overview of Coop store locations, opening hours and phone numbers here. Cancellation must take place at least two working days before the planned collection.
Coop has the right to change the prices at any time. The prices charged are those displayed on the online supermarket's website at the time of the order. The “half lobster” is a fresh product with a varying weight. When placing an order, the customer sees the average price for the average weight in their shopping basket. The quantity actually delivered, and therefore the price charged for such goods, may differ slightly on the invoice compared to the original order.
Payment is due when the products are collected from the store. The payment methods specified at the store apply. Coop may refuse to accept certain payment methods as a general rule or from individual customers without stating a reason. Coop has the right to charge fees for certain payment methods. Vouchers for the online supermarket and general promotions cannot be used for delicatessen orders.
Delicatessen products ordered from the online supermarket are freshly prepared on a daily basis and the cold chain is maintained at all times. It is therefore not possible to return any products. Should the customer identify any issues with the quality of the products at a later time, they may contact Coop's Customer Service or the customer service at the sales outlet from which they collected the products and submit a complaint.
Customer Service provides information and personal advice regarding any questions, problems or complaints about the online supermarket's services. Customer Service can be contacted as follows:
Customer Service
Fegistrasse 9
8957 Spreitenbach
Phone: 0848 888 444 (national rate)
Fax: 0848 847 849
Defects must be reported immediately on receipt of the goods, otherwise the goods are deemed to have been accepted by the customer as being in perfect condition. Latent defects must be reported to Customer Service immediately after they come to light.
If the complaint is justified, the purchase price will be refunded to the customer. The customer keeps the product. The refund will be made to the payment method used. For some payment methods, the customer will receive a gift card to the value of the refund. This is done if a refund with the chosen payment method or reverse payment to the chosen payment method is not possible.
Contradictions between different language versions
In the event of any ambiguities and/or inconsistencies between the German, French, Italian and/or English text, the German text shall be authoritative.
Changes to GTC
Coop reserves the right to revise these GTC at any time. Changes will be notified on the online supermarket's website and take effect when they are published. The customer accepts the new provisions at the first time of ordering after the publication of the new GTC.
Severability clause
Should any provisions of these GTC prove to be unenforceable or invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.
Applicable law and jurisdiction
Swiss law is solely applicable. The place of jurisdiction for natural persons is Basel-Stadt or the customer's place of residence. For legal entities, Basel-Stadt is the sole place of jurisdiction.
Links to other websites
The supermarket's online offering may contain links to other websites which are not operated by Coop. Coop accepts no liability in this regard.