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Bordeaux 2021 en primeur

2021 rapidly became a challenge for the winegrowers with a devastating frost in April that decimated the harvest in many vineyards. Summer and a large part of the autumn had a distinct lack of sunshine and recurrent rainfall which led to significant disease pressure. Hence it was a challenging growing season in which the vignerons truly had their work cut out.
However, the new vintage has left us pleasantly surprised – because the results are really good. The winegrowers all agree that the quality of the vintage was saved by the combination of lower yields due to frost and a few sunny, dry weeks that finally came along in September and October. This year is one of low yields, ripe tannins, elegance and a delightful freshness, with wines ready to drink rather earlier than usual.
2021 produced plenty of good and a few exceptionally good Bordeaux. The wines are nicely balanced with a moderate alcohol content, quite dense fruit and ripe tannins. We urge you to put a couple of cases from this latest vintage in your cellar. For keen newcomers to Bordeaux and curious connoisseurs, we also recommend the "Mondovino Nouveau" wines.
Enjoy choosing your favourites.
Jan Schwarzenbach MW, Master of Wine

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What’s special about the Bordeaux en primeur?
2021 is a good year for red Bordeaux and an excellent year for the white wines and Sauternes. This confounds the very difficult weather conditions of a year that put extra onus on meticulous winegrowing and winemaking. Both the Merlot and Cabernet-dominated wines are nicely balanced, fresh and smooth.
Mondovino Nouveau
Just as we do every year, we are offering our wonderful "Mondovino Nouveau" wines on subscription. These wines, sourced from winemakers who are less well known, but all the more passionate for it, offer an unbeatable level of enjoyment for the price charged. Sadly, disease and frost have caused some of our makers significant harm, and we are unable to offer quite all the wines we have discovered in recent years. Nevertheless, we still have 16 of these exciting discoveries on offer. The 2021 "Mondovino Nouveau" wines are powerful too.
Big Bordeaux en primeur competition
Bordeaux en primeur competition
Take part in our exclusive Bordeaux en primeur competition and, with a little luck, you could win a great wine.
The benefits of our Bordeaux en primeur
  • Tasting and selection by our wine specialists such as Jan Schwarzenbach MW, Master of Wine
  • Selection of the best wines in terms of quality, potential and price
  • Thanks to the many years’ experience of wines amassed by first-class winemakers, most vintages increase in value
  • A vintner will sell us most vintages at a lower price than after bottling
  • Detailed tasting notes with purchase recommendations from our wine specialists
  • Direct delivery after bottling
  • Safe shopping with our Coop satisfaction guarantee
  • Top

    Top stands for exceptional quality within the appellation and vintage. Selected by Jan Schwarzenbach MW.

  • Choice

    Choice is our designation for wines that offer very good value for money. Selected by Jan Schwarzenbach MW.

  • Online

    These wines can be ordered exclusively from our online range.

  • Nouveau

    Winegrowers who do outstanding work but who are overshadowed by the best-known estates.

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