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Gérard Bertrand

A dedicated winemaker, owner of 15 wine estates and with a deep commitment to the Languedoc and Roussillon wine regions, Gérard Bertrand is a pioneer of the biodynamic viticulture method which he uses to create excellent wines. A strong advocate of biodiversity, he encourages the winemaking world to opt for clean agriculture and, together with his team, works to promote and inspire change.
Sustainably preserving the environment, finding a harmony between man and nature, maintaining the balance of ecosystems, enhancing the precision of our ancestors’ winemaking techniques, reaching out to future generations … these are today’s issues and tomorrow’s obligations.
At Gérard Bertrand’s winery, we believe that growing wine with a respect for nature is the best way to guarantee that our wines reach the highest level of excellence. We are committed to promoting organic agriculture and have used biodynamic methods at our wine estates since 2002. Today, 920 hectares of vineyards across 15 wine estates are grown biodynamically.
This eternal quest for excellence has enabled us to develop genuine expertise and skills that we would now like to share with others in order to inspire and support change in the world of winemaking.
Change is necessary, that’s something we’re sure of. All of the winemakers in the south of France have a duty to be committed, set an example and promote our designations. For a winemaker, moving to organic production means being able to unlearn and re-learn, to summon patience and humility, and above all, to establish a new organizational system and a new business model. This also enables us to look beyond our own estate and act as long-term partners to our winemaking colleagues by supporting their conversion on a technical and economic level.

A revolution is underway… Be The Change!