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In ancient times the wines pressed here were the most famous in the entire Mediterranean region. Caesar may no longer be around to sip Falernese, but today he would certainly enjoy Fiano, Taurasi and the like.


The Greeks brought the first vines to southern Italy in 1000 BC. They called the region Enotria, the land of wine. The Romans then perfected viticulture, calling the fertile landscape "Campania felix", the happy land. Today there are around 40 000 hectares under vines. Campania is divided into the provinces of Avellino, Benevento, Caserta, Naples and Salerno. All the region's DOCG wines come from Avellino: Fiano di Avellino (white), Greco di Tufo (white) and Taurasi (red). There are 16 wines with DOC status, as well as IGT wines.


Fertile volcanic soils and the maritime influence of the Tyrrhenian Sea create good conditions for quality viticulture, while the inland hills keep out the cold winds from the eastern Mediterranean.


Like the whole of southern Italy, Campania has many native varieties.Reds: Aglianico and Piedirosso for the DOCG wines of the Taurasi region.Whites: Fiano (Fiano di Avellino), Coda di Volpe, Trebbiano, Greco (Greco di Tufo) and Falanghina.


Classic Fiano di Avellino glows straw-yellow in the glass, with its captivating bouquet of fresh fruit, citrus, bergamot, pear, honey and spice.Greco di Tufo is less aromatic, with spicy herbal notes and a discreet note of pomaceous fruit. Taurasi is a powerful red wine with prominent notes of dark fruit and herbal spices.Made with Aglianico, Irpinia red IGT wines have residual sweetness and a soft, supple structure.

Best age for drinking

2-5 years for whites3-5 years for IGT wines and basic Taurasis5-15 years for top-class Taurasis

Popular wines from Campania