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In Tuscany's shadow, with very similar climatic and soil conditions. Only the white Orvieto and the red Torgiano have made a name for themselves beyond Umbria's borders.

History, geography and wines

Winegrowing in this fertile region dates back to the Etruscans. Umbria lies to the south-east of Tuscany, and its moderate climate produces fresh wine.
Orvieto, one of Italy's best-known white wines, comes from here. It is vinified dry and medium dry. Other well-known wines include Colli del Trasimeno, Torgiano and Sagrantino.

Grape varieties

Red: Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Sagrantino.
White: Trebbiano, Malvasia, Verdello
  • Vineyard area and production volume: 18 000 hectares, 900 000 hectolitres per year.

Popular wines from Umbria