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Moulis and Listrac

In the 1930s, in the course of the state protection of origin campaign, six Médoc communes were given the right to their own appellations – among them Moulis and Listrac, the strongholds of top unclassified wines.


Listrac and Moulis are neighbours, located a little further inland between Margaux and Saint-Julien. Bordeaux winegrowing areas largely coincide with municipal boundaries, though some plots in neighbouring communes, such as Arcins, Avensan, Cussac and Lamarque, are also entitled to the Moulis designation.


The best gravel knolls of Listrac and Moulis, the location of famous estates such as Fonréaud, Chasse-Spleen or Poujeaux, are equal in quality to those of other Médoc communes. Listrac also has interesting soils of loam over lime. If no estates have been classified here, the reasons are mainly historical.


Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, grown in practically equal proportions, make up the bulk of the vines. Like everywhere else in the Médoc, the proportion of Cabernet Franc is declining. Instead some Petit Verdot is reappearing, albeit in vanishingly small quantities.


In terms of style, a Moulis is very close to a Margaux: and the best of them are pleasantly fruity, balanced and elegant, even if their tannins are often somewhat broader and more reminiscent of a Saint-Julien. Listrac wines are usually rather more robust, with a slightly higher proportion of Merlot that gives them more bite.

Best age for drinking

5-12 years for basic wines and vintages,8-20 years for top vintages and wines.

Popular wines from Bordeaux – Moulis & Listrac