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The Jura winegrowing region

The Jura speciality is vin jaune, "yellow wine". It is the French answer to sherry, which it also resembles in taste. It is made from the Savagnin grape variety. Unlike sherry, it is not fortified.


Wines from the Jura have a long tradition, which is maintained to this day. Red wines are produced, some light, some strong – as well as good-quality sparkling wines. Still white wine is also produced. Quite often it has an old-fashioned, somewhat oxidized character. The best-known wine is vin jaune, the yellow wine. Vin de Paille, a sweet dessert wine made from dried grapes, is very rare and exclusive.

Vineyard area and production volume

  • 1,920 hectares, some 42,000 hectolitres per year.

Popular wines from Jura