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The Savoie winegrowing region

Wines from this area are hardly ever exported, and are thus largely unknown. Wines pressed from the Roussette grape (also called Altesse) are intriguing; their filigree, exotic fragrance is strongly reminiscent of Furmint from Hungary.


Writings from as early as the 11th century document the cultivation of vines in Savoie.
A number of small wineries are located in the départements of Savoie and Haute-Savoie, on the edge of the best skiing area in France. They can be found south of Lake Geneva in the upper part of the Rhône, in the valley at Lac du Bourget and along the Isère. Wine is grown up to 500 metres above sea level, but the best sites are at 300 metres above the lakes and the Rhône. Both the red and white wines are fresh, quaffable, often sparkling and dry, but they can have a certain sweetness. The character of the white wines is often very close to Fendant wines from Switzerland. The reds are influenced by Beaujolais, their neighbour to the west. Only the sparkling wines have gained noteworthy attention outside the region.

Vineyard area and production volume

  • 1,950 hectares, some 85,000 hectolitres per year.

Popular wines from the Savoie winegrowing region