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Valpolicella is a well-known wine from this region, but Prosecco, originally the name of an old grape variety from this region, is even better known. This sparkling wine is produced by tank fermentation.

History, geography and climate

Wine has been cultivated in Veneto since time immemorial. The medieval cities of Padua, Verona and Venice were important centres of power.
The vineyards are located in the hilly landscape between the Po Valley and the Dolomites, with Lake Garda to the west and Venice to the east. The region between the Alps and the plain has a moderate climate for quality wines.

Wines and grape varieties

Mainly white varieties are cultivated. The best-known wine is the dry Soave, which is produced from Garganega grapes and blended with other varieties. Well-known red wines are the light Bardolinos and Valpolicella, which is of higher quality in the two passito versions Recioto and Amarone.
Most of the varieties grown are local. Garganega predominates in Soave, while reds are made from Corvina Veronese, Rondinella and Molinari. French varieties such as Cabernet, Merlot and Pinot gris can also be found, in the Piave DOC region and elsewhere.

Producers, vineyard area and production volume

  • Old family businesses, cooperatives and international corporations.
  • About 80 000 hectares, some 8 million hectolitres per year. 20% of all DOC wines come from here.

Popular wines from Veneto