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Mondovino events

Discover our wine-related events. Enjoy true classics, discover new insider tips and enjoy superb culinary experiences – with extra benefits for Mondovino members. Simply select an event from the overview or find out more about individual types of event.

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These are the Mondovino events

Wine tastings
The largest Coop sales outlets offer around 800 different wines. With 2,000 wines, Mondovino’s online range is even bigger than your local store. Here you will find a number of classics, plus some real insider tips. You can get to know them at a wine tasting in a Coop store, thereby gaining an overview of our extensive range.
To make it easier for you to choose, Coop holds regular tasting sessions in larger sales outlets, They are an opportunity for you to try the most popular wines in Coop's range and taste hand-picked speciality wines. The wine tastings always have a particular theme or are dedicated to a particular wine region. We introduce you to a selection of dry white wines or sweet red wines, for example. You can also compare the different flavours of the wines from a region such as California or Provence, or discover some unique wines made from indigenous Swiss grape varieties.
If you like a wine you have tasted, you can purchase it at the offer price during the tasting. Our wine experts conducting the tastings are also happy to give you tips. They answer your questions and can give you further recommendations to suit your tastes.
Wine courses and seminars
Want to learn the basics or deepen your knowledge of wine?
Then attend a Mondovino wine course. Coop arranges all our wine courses in cooperation with the Académie du Vin. On our basic courses, you learn a lot about wine in general and the basics of tasting.
On the basic Coop wine course, you are able to taste, describe and assess a wine using the WSET® systematic approach. You know where in the world wine is grown and are familiar with the main types of grape and their characteristics. You know how wine is produced and what factors affect the quality.
On the wine course, you taste all the main wines from the Old and the New World. From sparkling wine through white, rosé and red wine to dessert wine. In the process, you learn the difference between dry, semi-dry and sweet, light and heavy, simple and high-quality, neutral and aromatic, young and mature.
The two wine seminars also provide answers to key questions about how to store wine correctly, the optimum serving temperature, the right choice of glassware, decanting, and food and wine pairing.
The price includes a handout containing all the essential information required for self-study after the course.
Price: CHF 215 per person for two evenings
Wine events
As well as our tastings and wine courses, we regularly run different events for you to explore the diverse world of wines. Gatherings and discussions with our Mondovino wine experts, vintners and other experts, evenings offering outstanding wine/food pairings, and gourmet festivals: you’ll discover the latest wine events of every kind in our event calendar.
Come and join us: with Mondovino, experience interesting wine-related events and discover truly excellent wines, speciality wines and new products. Meet other wine lovers and enjoy the diversity of the world of wine together.