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Mondovino wine tastings

The largest Coop sales outlets offer around 800 different wines. Mondovino’s online range is even bigger, comprising 2'000 wines. Here you will find a number of classics, plus some real insider tips.
You can get to know them at a wine tasting in a Coop store, thereby gaining an overview of our extensive range.
To make it easier for you to choose, Coop holds regular tasting sessions in larger sales outlets, enabling you to try the most popular wines from the Coop range and also taste selected specialities. The wine tastings always have a particular theme or are dedicated to a particular wine region. We introduce you to a selection of dry white wines or sweet red wines, for example. You can also compare the different flavours of the wines from a region such as California or Provence, or discover some unique wines made from native Swiss grape varieties.
If you like a wine you have tasted, you can purchase it at the offer price during the tasting. Our wine experts conducting the tastings are also happy to give you tips. They answer your questions and can give you further recommendations to suit your tastes.

Don’t miss a wine tasting near you

All detailed information on the wine tastings, such as the date and time, the sales outlets holding them and the theme of the wine tastings, is announced at short notice. Take a regular look at the Mondovino events calendar or become a Mondovino member. You will then receive the weekly newsletter, which tells you about tastings currently taking place near you as well as a number of other exciting topics related to wine.
If you have enjoyed the wine tastings in the sales outlets, our wine courses will certainly be of interest to you. On these courses, you learn even more about fine wines and participate in a wine tasting session under the guidance of a professional.