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The Cortese grape variety produces Italy’s most expensive white wine, Gavi di Gavi from Piedmont. It is characterized by refreshing acidity and subtle aromas.
This white grape variety is most widely planted in Piedmont.

The Cortese grape variety: origin and cultivation

The Cortese white grape variety comes from beautiful Italy and is most widely planted in Piedmont. It is also cultivated in Liguria, in Lombardy and in Veneto. Cortese is known as “Bianca Fernanda” in Lombardy and Veneto.
Cortese has a long history, being first mentioned as early as 1798. Back then it went under the name of “Curteisa” however, and was considered the most important variety in the province of Alessandria.
Cortese is a late-budding but early-ripening grape. It has very vigorous growth, and the variety is often praised for its high yield. To achieve the best quality, however, the vines must be pruned back hard. This creates a lot of work for growers aiming for optimum concentration of grape aromas to avoid producing insipid wines. The grapes only develop their distinctive citrus aroma if the vines are pruned to keep yields low.

The most sought-after Cortese wines

Cortese makes fine wines that are sought after by wine lovers. One often praised white wine is Cortese di Gavi, also known as Gavi, or Gavi di Gavi. It bears the Italian DOCG quality label (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita, “controlled and guaranteed designation of origin”) and is famed for its dryness and its unmistakable citrus aroma. Gavi is distinguished by a fruity and steely dry minerality. It ranks indisputably among Italy's most sought-after top wines and is made 100% from Cortese grapes. It is therefore also frequently referred to as Cortese di Gavi. Gavi is one of the reasons Italian wines are held in such high esteem internationally, so the Cortese grape variety is of major importance.
Other wines are also produced from the Cortese grape, including the DOC wines Colli Tortonesi, Garda, Monferrato and Bianco di Custoza, for example.
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