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Until 2009 this grape variety was called “Prosecco”, like the famous sparkling wine from Veneto. It was renamed in order to protect Prosecco superiore from lesser-quality copycat products.
Glera has been the official name of the grape from which Prosecco is vinified since 1 January 2011. Before that, both the region AND the grape variety were called Prosecco.
Ampelographers (grape variety researchers) were not too pleased when the name of the Prosecco grape was changed, as Glera is the designation for an entire group of different varieties grown in the northern Italian province of Trieste. But the makers of sparkling wine in the villages of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene were suffering badly as too often mass-produced wines going under the resonant name of “Prosecco” were reaching the market at dumping prices and were fooling consumers into thinking they were drinking premium bubbly from the small protected designation of origin area in Veneto. The name Prosecco is therefore now used exclusively for DOCG sparkling wines that are produced in the scenic hills there.
The Glera grape is the most important constituent of Prosecco blends. The rich golden yellow berries produce delicately fruity wines with bright acidity that are ideal for secondary fermentation. They give sparkling wines structure and fruit.

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