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The Teroldego variety is also known as the “King of Trentino red wines”. The grape produces deep ruby red wines of a highly distinctive style and character. Learn more about this ancient grape variety from Italy, where it grows today and the wines that are made from it.

The Teroldego grape variety: origin and cultivation

Teroldego is an indigenous grape variety from the north of Italy. According to recent DNA fingerprinting, it is the father of Lagrein. Historically the Teroldego grape was grown only in Trentino-South Tyrol, or more specifically on the Campo Rotaliano plain. Teroldego was mentioned in a document dated 1383, so it is definitely a very old grape variety. In all likelihood the grape takes its name from the village of Teroldeghe situated on the Rotaliano plain. The river Noce flows here, and over the centuries has brought down a lot of scree and stones from the mountains. In conjunction with the microclimate, this stony gravel soil provides the optimum conditions for the Teroldego grape to thrive. The surrounding rocks store the heat of the day and reflect it back onto the grapevines during the night, which helps them grow and develop.
Nowadays Teroldego has spread further afield, with small-scale plantings in Croatia, New Zealand and California. The following countries also have small plantings of the Teroldego grape:
  • Australia
  • Argentina
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • China
  • Spain
  • France
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia
  • South Africa
Teroldego is known under a number of different names. Common synonyms are Tiraldola, Teroldila, Tiroldico and Tiraldega.

Teroldego wines: what are their characteristics?

Teroldego is Trentino’s answer to Gamay from Beaujolais. This ancient, later-ripening variety yields light-bodied, dark and fruity wines. As they are low in tannins, it is advisable to drink wines made from Teroldego as young as possible. Teroldego wine was already considered a delicacy at the time of the Habsburg monarchy. And even today, this wine with its delicate tannin structure, and which is surprisingly muscular, is extremely popular. Thanks to its soft, pleasant acidity, Teroldego wines feel velvety smooth on the palate – connoisseurs and wine lovers praise its flavour as unique and characterful.
The scents are also surprising: young wines especially have a bouquet with recognizable notes of forest berries, tar, juniper, bay leaf and green tea. One thing is certain: as something completely different, stylish Teroldego is a quirky example of Italian red wine.
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deep ruby red
fruity, muscular
forest berries, tar, juniper, bay leaf, green tea

Teroldego wines