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The Vermentino grape is the basis for a full-bodied white wine. Its vibrant golden colour, often with greenish glints, make Vermentino wine particularly striking – a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

The Vermentino grape variety: origin and cultivation

The high-yielding Vermentino grape is grown on Madeira. It is also thought that this is where it originated, but this has not been definitively proved. Italy could equally well be its homeland and the variety could be a mutation of the Malvasia grape. Today Vermentino is the predominant grape variety on Corsica, where it is also known as Malvoisie de Corse. On Sardinia, in Liguria and in Languedoc-Roussillon it also produces full-bodied, characterful white wines with lots of flavour and acidity. The Vermentino variety is becoming increasingly popular, with demand even exceeding supply at the moment. When grown in very warm regions, the grape very quickly loses acidity so it is harvested relatively early. The best results are achieved when the Vermentino grape is grown at higher altitudes, such as on Sardinia.

What makes Vermentino wine special?

As well as its intense colour, wine made from the Vermentino grape has a very aromatic bouquet and a juicy, silky apple flavour accompanied by a touch of almonds. If the Vermentino variety is grown on mineral soils – such as those found in the north of Sardinia – the flavour develops an especially lively note.
golden yellow with green glints
mouth-filling, fruity
juicy, silky apple flavour, touch of almonds
high acidity

Vermentino wines