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Aigle les Murailles: the lemon-yellow white wine from Switzerland

Aigle les Murailles wine comes from the beautiful country of Switzerland – the grapes are grown on steep, dizzyingly high terraces in intense sunlight. Here you can find out the key facts about the light but intense white wine.
Aigle les Murailles is a lemon-yellow white wine from Switzerland with an exceptional fruitiness.

Aigle les Murailles: flavour, fragrance and colour

At first glance, Aigle les Murailles is reminiscent of summer: in the glass, the white wine captivates with its clear, deep and glistening lemon-yellow colour. But the wine also lives up to expectations when it comes to the taste: connoisseurs describe Aigle les Murailles as fruity and elegant – aromas of mango and lime blossom create a wonderful sensation of flavours. And its delicate fragrance of minerals, chalk and lime blossom is a delight for the senses. Critics praise the soft texture, fruitiness, roundness and intensity of this white wine from Switzerland.
Aigle les Murailles is fermented at relatively low temperatures over just a few days. This produces a maximum fullness of flavour – as well as the finesse for which Aigle les Murailles wine is renowned.

Which dishes can be paired with Aigle les Murailles?

Aigle les Murailles is dry in flavour and light in body, making the popular white wine a perfect match for fish and meat. Freshwater fish and white meat in particular can be paired well with the wine. Aigle les Murailles is also a good choice with shellfish, asparagus or mushroom-based dishes.
You can likewise serve Aigle les Murailles as an excellent accompaniment to an aperitif – the wine is a real taste sensation, especially when paired with fresh vegetables and crisp salads. Are you a fan of wine with cheese? Then try Aigle les Murailles with mild, delicate cheese varieties when you next have the chance.

The Henri Badoux SA winery at a glance

The Henri Badoux SA winery is situated in the municipality of Aigle in French-speaking Switzerland. It is managed by Henri Olivier Badoux. Henri Badoux SA has some 55 hectares of vineyards; the winery also works with selected contracted winegrowers. Aigle les Murailles is processed from Chasselas, the typical local grape variety. The popular wine was named after the municipality, Aigle, and the characteristic vineyard, Les Murailles.
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