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Alcohol-free champagne: full of flavour

Many people are not allowed or do not want to consume alcohol – for health-related or personal reasons. The days of having to drink juice or cola instead are long gone: after all, now there is even alcohol-free champagne. But does it taste just as good?
Alcohol-free champagne tastes great too.

Alcohol-free champagne: what are the benefits?

The first advantage is obvious: you can enjoy a fine wine without having to consume any alcohol. You could be at a party where you have to drive home or have a busy next day planned and want to take it easy. Just because you do not wish to drink alcohol does not mean that you have to forgo the taste of champagne too, however.
What's more: alcohol-free champagne also has fewer calories than varieties with alcohol – because the alcohol has been removed from the drink. So for those who follow a low-calorie diet, alcohol-free champagne is a great choice. But beware: champagne may be labelled "alcohol-free" as long as it contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol.

Alcohol-free champagne: how is it produced?

Sparkling wines and champagne have been available without alcohol since 1988 – a real blessing for many people. But how is this alcohol-free treat actually produced? The answer lies in a natural process known as vacuum distillation. The non-alcoholic beverage is generally produced in specially designed facilities. During the process, the alcohol is removed from the champagne at temperatures of between 28°C and 33°C. The vacuum reduces the boiling point to these relatively low temperatures – resulting in a slow evaporation of the alcohol. After this, carbon dioxide is added to the champagne: this preserves the flavour.

Alcohol-free champagne: does it taste good?

Alcohol-free and champagne? A paradox for many people. But the alcohol-free variety can really hold its own with conventional champagne when it comes to flavour – according to reviews and tests. This is due to a careful distillation process. The alcohol evaporates, but the flavour remains. Of course, alcohol, like fat, supplies flavour. That is why carbon dioxide is added to the drink as it plays a similar role to alcohol in this respect.
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