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Dieter Meier: for the love of wine

Dieter Meier is one of Switzerland's most dazzling personalities. He is renowned as a bohemian and jack of all trades; as an artist, musician, author, shareholder and now also as a vintner and cattle breeder. In Mendoza, one of Argentina's top winegrowing areas, he is now a passionate producer of fresh, powerful organic wines with a simple structure. Dieter Meier's wines are highly successful around the world, and rightly so.
Dieter Meier from the pop duo Yello is many things, but one more than any these days: a passionate organic vintner in Mendoza, Argentina.

Who is Dieter Meier?

Born in Zurich in 1945, Dieter Meier is self-taught. He sees life as a source of opportunities that are there for the taking – meaning that he does not need any particular qualifications to pursue his varied interests with great spirit. Rising to fame in the 1980s as a member of the pop duo Yello, the bohemian with his striking moustache is now far more than just a former pop star. Dieter Meier is an artist and businessman in one: he takes photographs, writes books, makes films, deals in shares and owns a delicatessen as well as the Bärengasse restaurant in Zurich. 
As a world traveller, he also quickly discovered his love of Argentina's wide open spaces and fertile land. That is why producing an Argentinian wine was a project close to his heart that he has brought to life. Today, the self-made man who commutes between Los Angeles, Argentina and Ibiza owns five farms and 35 hectares of high-quality vineyards. With the help of experts, he raises beef cattle and produces wine – all of it organic.

Organic wine from Argentina: what characterizes Dieter Meier wines?

It was his love of Argentina that inspired Dieter Meier to take up winegrowing. After all, with its different climate zones and soils, the country offers ideal conditions for organic cultivation in harmony with nature. And his wine's local identity is an aspect that Dieter Meier finds particularly important.
The soils in his winegrowing area in Mendoza, one of the best wine regions worldwide, contain minerals that were washed down from the Andes over millions of years. During the five-month period while the grapes ripen, there is no rain. The dry soil is watered drop by drop with melt water from the Andes. The grapes are not harvested until they have achieved perfect ripeness, without losing out on quality – a luxury that only few winegrowers can afford.
After being harvested, the grapes are pressed in a winery which is set up according to the latest wine expertise. The grapes are fermented in a stainless steel tank at controlled temperatures of 27°C to 29°C. The wines are then matured in barrels made of French oak to give the cuvée more body and structure. This combination of high-quality grapes and the latest technology produces top wines that delight wine connoisseurs and non-specialists alike.

Loco, Puro or Ojo de Agua: which Dieter Meier wine to choose?

Dieter Meier wines are fresh but structured. They are powerful, have plenty of body and are yet still so accessible that you do not have to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate the quality. This may be because Dieter Meier avoids intense woody notes, preferring to rely on the freshness, fruitiness and diverse aromas of his fully developed grapes. The Malbec variety, Mendoza's characteristic grape, deserves a particular mention. But Dieter Meier also produces high-quality wines from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. It is very important to him for the individual grape varieties to be recognized. He wants his wines to be pure and simple.
Anyone wanting to purchase a Dieter Meier wine can choose between the two main product lines: Puro and Ojo de Agua. Puro wines best reflect the flavour of the natural aromas and local minerals. Choose between the fruit-forward Malbec, with its open, radiant bouquet and fresh berry fruitiness, and the Corte with its lovely echoes of toasted aromas and well-incorporated tannins – wines from the Puro line are an unadulterated, typically Argentinian delight and a wonderful match for Argentinian steak.
Dieter Meier has created a special wine, vintage 2015, exclusively for Coop: Loco. A "crazy" high-quality wine, which is light to elegant, developed by star wine expert Marcelo Pelleriti and on sale at Mondovino at an insanely good price.

Dieter Meier wines