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Rocca Rubia: a complex red wine from Italy

Rocca Rubia comes from Italy – or, more precisely, Sardinia. The fine red wine is produced by the Cantina Santadi winery which is situated in the Sulcis region. Find out more about the popular red now – its character, production method and particularly good pairings for the ruby-red wine.
Rocca Rubia is a fine Sardinian red wine from the Santadi winery.

What characterizes Rocca Rubia wine?

Rocca Rubia is known as an extremely multifaceted wine – it is characterized by its aromas of carob bean, cherry and plum. The red wine's bouquet also delights wine connoisseurs: notes of forest fruits meet more powerful and spicier fragrances of leather and liquorice; an olfactory sensation of a very special kind. Along with its multifaceted aromas and seductive fragrances, Rocca Rubia also impresses with its colour – a dark ruby red.

Rocca Rubia: the pride of Santadi

The Santadi winery can be found just a few kilometres from Porto Pino where white dunes and picturesque beaches make up the landscape of Sardinia. Rocca Rubia is produced from the Carignano grape variety, one of the most important grape varieties in the wine region. The winery aims to make this grape better known, to reinvent it to a certain extent. And given the success of its Rocca Rubia wine, Santadi is on the way towards achieving its goal.

Rocca Rubia: production at a glance

First, the grapes are harvested and de-stemmed by hand – before being pressed. The must is then fermented for 12 to 14 days in high-quality stainless steel tanks; the temperature is kept at a constant 25°C to 28°C. Every now and then, the must is pumped up to produce tannins that give the wine an elegant note. The Carignano grape variety is renowned for these fine tannins, among other things. Once malolactic fermentation has been completed, the Rocca Rubia is transferred into small, French oak casks in which the red wine is left to mature for another 10 to 12 months to allow its full aroma to develop.

Which dishes can be paired with Rocca Rubia?

Rocca Rubia is a particularly complex red wine with a dominant yet soft finish. The characterful red wine goes particularly well with hearty dishes: roast beef or pork in a rich dark gravy is a perfect match, for example. But grilled meat, game, lamb and strong cheese also harmonize perfectly with Rocca Rubia. Are you a fan of sheep's milk cheese? Then try original Sardinian sheep's cheese – it highlights the wine's aromas particularly well.
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