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International cuisine

For these purposes, “international cuisine” encompasses the very popular and individual cooking styles of Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and India. One thing that these different cuisines have in common is the intense flavour of spices.
Whether they contain soy sauce, chilli, lemongrass, coriander or cardamom, another distinctive trait of many dishes from these countries is the strong aromatic contrast between sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Generally speaking, wines with a similar contrast between fruit, acidity, sweetness and extract go with these dishes.

Hot and spicy cuisine

Wines with a low alcohol content go with spicy food.
Ideally, wines with a low alcohol content should be drunk with hot and spicy food, otherwise the alcohol and the spiciness combine to fiery effect. Whenever possible, you should drink semi-dry or sweet wines with very hot and spicy dishes, as sweetness helps temper the spiciness. If the food is very hot, wine is best avoided entirely. In this case, beer or soft drinks are a better choice.

Spicy but not hot cuisine

Wines with a low alcohol content go with spicy food that is not hot.
When a dish is spicy but not hot, it immediately becomes much easier to pair food and wine. In the absence of heat, the alcohol and sugar content of the wine no longer dominates. Then, as with all dishes, the main factors to bear in mind are the weight and components such as acidity and tannins. Very spicy dishes are best accompanied by aromatic, fruit-laden and robust wines that can face down the intense flavour of the food.

Our experts’ wine recommendations for international cuisine

Curry und Weine passen hervorragend zusammen.

Which wine goes with curry? Hot tips

Generally speaking, wines with a low alcohol content are the best partners for hot food. Many curries have plenty of flavour on their own; a high alcohol content in the wine could unpleasantly amplify the heat. But which wines partner best with this southern Asian dish? Find out here which wines add up to a pleasant flavour experience with curry.
What is a curry?
Curries are internationally known and popular, predominantly Indian dishes (but there are Vietnamese and Thai curries as well). Typically, they are one-pot dishes with a creamy sauce, usually consisting largely of coconut milk. A variety of foods are served in this sauce – vegetables, meat and fish being the most popular. Many oriental spices are added which give curry a beautiful flavour: turmeric, hing, cumin, methi, fenugreek and cumin seed are some of the classic ingredients in curry. Sesame, mustard seeds, fennel and chilli are also found in many curry dishes. It's easy to see why the aroma of a well-made curry is so mouthwatering.
Creamy curry with its delicious ingredients is traditionally eaten with rice. Most restaurants offer a variety of curries from which to choose. In Switzerland, these are the most widely-known:
  • Green curry
  • Red curry
  • Yellow curry
Green curry is one of the hottest curries. If you want to drink wine with your green curry, you need to be particularly careful. Green curries are usually packed with green chillies, garlic, ginger and limes – hence the green hue of the sauce. The combination quickly engages your tastebuds.
Although red curry is also spicy and piquant, it has less of a kick than green curry. Red chillies give the dish its attractive red colour. Often, red curry is seasoned with coriander and lemongrass. Tip: Beef goes particularly well with this level of heat.
The mildest version is yellow curry: usually, this contains both yellow and red chillies. Cinnamon and turmeric also commonly feature in this coconut sauce. Sometimes, yoghurt is added to yellow curry to keep the flavour mild.
Which level of sweetness works with curry?
Curry and wine can be the best of friends, as long as you choose the right level of sweetness for the wine: getting this just right is particularly important when your curry is very hot. With hot curry, it’s best to serve a wine that is semi-dry or even sweet. This is because the sweetness of the wine meets the heat of the curry on the palate and mitigates it a little. Moreover, a semi-dry or sweet wine most effectively brings out the flavour of the curry. Even if you're not otherwise a fan of sweet wine, you should try it with curry; you’ll be surprised how well the two flavour components work together.
Tip: If you've cooked or ordered a particularly hot curry, many connoisseurs find it better to switch to beer, to dial down the heat a little. Sweet drinks such as fruit juice or soft drinks are also good.
To go with curry: which wines are recommended?
The aromas of wine and curry should be matched as well as possible, regardless of whether the curry is vegetarian or contains meat. Find out more now about the best wines to go with curry:
Like it hot? Then a green curry is your best bet. Tip: lamb and pork go particularly well with the intensely hot flavour. The heat is best balanced by white wines that are fairly low in alcohol, well-chilled and contain fine notes of fruit and acidity; residual sweetness is always desirable.
The following wines are recommended with hot curries:
  • Riesling
  • Gewürztraminer
  • Scheurebe
  • Chenin blanc
  • Arneis
  • Viognier
If you're a fan of the somewhat milder red curries, try adding chicken or fish; the slight heat works wonderfully with the mild aromas of fish and poultry. Again, the ideal wine for this curry is a well-chilled white wine. However, since this curry is a bit milder, the wine can have more acidity.
Try one of the following wines:
  • Riesling
  • Chardonnay
  • Crémant
  • Chablis
  • Albariño
Light, yellow curries contain milder ingredients, comparatively speaking, and are enriched with lots of cream and yoghurt. Yellow curries are particularly delicious when combined with vegetables. With yellow curries, you can't go wrong with mature, very muscular wines with lots of character. However, as with the other types of curry, always make sure that your chosen white wine is well-chilled.
The following wines have good credentials:
  • Mature Riesling
  • Auslese
  • Treixadura Branco
Does red wine go with curry?
Where curry/wine pairings are concerned, white wines are usually the first choice. However, this isn't to say that red wine cannot go with curry. If you don't want to drink white wine, give a fruity red with a sweet taste a try; a Cabernet Sauvignon, for instance, is wonderful with curry.
As a general rule, if it tastes good, it's allowed: give various wines a try and decide for yourself which is your personal favourite. Want to buy suitable wines right away? Then have a browse in our online shop. Once you've found the right wine, order it quickly and easily for delivery to your door. Alternatively, of course, you will find all our products at all Coop sales outlets. Bon appetit!