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Wines to drink with veal

Top-quality veal has a firm consistency and is only lightly marbled. It tends to be lean and, like many types of meat, does not have its own distinctive flavour. As veal is a high-quality and tender meat, it is suited to delicate dishes.
The flavour of the meat is determined chiefly by how it is cooked, and the sauce and starchy side dishes served with it. Here too, the focus is on the wine/food pairing.

Our experts’ wine recommendations for veal

Our wine recommendations for cold veal dishes

Cold veal dishes

Classic cold veal dishes include pâtés en croûte, terrines, carpaccio and tartare.
Tartare made from veal is usually lightly seasoned, unlike the strong-tasting and opulent beef tartare. Because of this, the best choice is a white wine that is quite light and fresh. Pronounced acidity is absolutely fine too. Incidentally, the same applies to wines to accompany the even more delicate and refined carpaccio.
Tip: If you’re doing a marinade for the tartare, prepare it separately and test it with your chosen wine. You can then make changes before coating the meat with the marinade.
Pâtés en croûte and terrines are strongly seasoned, rich dishes that are normally served with cold sauces. If the sauce is sweet (Cumberland sauce, for instance), a well-structured white wine with a little residual sweetness may be just right. If the sauce is spicy too, a full-bodied white wine or a medium-heavy red wine are a better bet.
Our wine recommendations for roast or barbecued veal

Roast/barbecued veal

A huge variety of dishes can be created by roasting or barbecuing. From plain barbecued veal paillard and the classic Wiener Schnitzel (breaded veal escalope) to strongly seasoned cutlets, stuffed breast of veal or glazed roast, almost anything goes.
Veal roulade with Parma ham and sage, with a side of Parmesan risotto, is delicious. With its delicate seasonings, this dish pairs well with an equally delicate wine with plenty of finesse, such as traditionally vinified Sangiovese from Tuscany, or a Rioja Reserva.
However, if a rich dish such as stuffed breast of veal with a mushroom stuffing and spicy veal jus with polenta is on the menu, we recommend a Merlot with plenty of ripe fruit from Ticino, or a Tempranillo from Spain pressed the modern way.
Our wine recommendations for braised veal

Braised veal

Veal can be braised either in a pot on the stove or in a roaster in the oven. Braising is a cooking method that often creates strong roasted aromas and a very tasty gravy or sauce. The slow and gentle cooking of all meat, vegetables and herbs produces a dish with intense and multifaceted flavours. Often, this makes the braised dish quite heavy.
This calls for a wine that is complex, yet might equally be very elegant and full of finesse, such as a Bordeaux from a classic vintage or a traditionally vinified Sangiovese from Tuscany.