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We have the perfect wines for meals with friends

Sure, you can read numerous recommendations about which wines go best with which dishes. However, there aren't really many rules about this. The most important thing is that you primarily take into account your own taste when choosing a wine to accompany a meal. Anything goes – as long as you like it. And your friends are sure to be able to raise a toast to that.

Perfect for dinner

Six people clinking glasses of red wine from Mondovino. Only the hands holding the red wine glasses are visible, photographed at an angle from above, at a table laden with food.
When a fine piece of braised, roasted or barbecued meat comes to the table, we automatically imagine a nice bottle of red wine alongside it. A good red wine certainly goes well with dark meat. But it can also be enjoyed with pasta, vegetables and even fish. If there is a sauce, you must take this into account when choosing the wine. The wine must not overpower the food. And conversely, the dish should not overwhelm the wine. In a perfect pairing, the wine and food complement one another to create harmonious flavours.

Red wines for meals with friends