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We have the perfect aperitif wines

Whether it's a small celebration at the office, an impromptu drink to round off the day, or simply the start of the weekend, you need no special excuse for an aperitif. Just a good mood, complemented by the perfect light wine. It needs to be spritzy and smooth, just like the guests’ conversations.

Great red aperitif wines

Rotwein vor dem gedeckten Tisch zum Apéro.
Can you also serve red wine as an aperitif? Our answer is: yes, of course! All sorts of red wines are ideal for standing parties and with finger food, or as a prelude to a meal. Those who prefer red wine don't have to resort to water as an aperitif. You just need to make sure to select a light youthful red wine. For example, Pinot Noirs from Graubünden, or Merlots from Ticino, go very well with dried meat and cheese. But you can find excellent wines from all other wine regions that work well as an aperitif, too.

Red aperitif wines